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Warts | Q & A | Warts Treatment and Care

What are warts?
Warts are small, rough lumps, the same colour as the skin, that usually grow on the hands and feet but can be anywhere on the body. Some warts last for a few years; others last for a few months.


What are the different types of warts?

Here’s a quick guide to identifying the type of wart you may have:

  • If you have a firm growth with a raised surface on your hand, elbow or knee, that’ll be a ‘common wart’
  • If you see some small, smooth bumps in clusters on the hands, legs or face, those are ‘flat’ or ‘plane warts’ (most common in children)
  • If you notice small growths gathered on the back of the hand, they are ‘mosaic warts’
  • If you experience a hard painful lump on a pressure point of your foot, it’s most probably a ‘plantar wart’

Note that ‘true’ warts are not to be confused with keratosis warts, moles, verrucas (white ‘warts’ on the sole of your foot), or skin tags.

What causes warts?

Warts are spread by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Don’t worry, it’s non-cancerous and no relation to HIV. You can catch warts if the virus enters your bloodstream though broken skin.

Can warts be cured or treated?

Warts are usually harmless but can be unsightly, so you may be looking for a cure.

What is the best cure for warts?

If you have a wart or warts, and are looking for a cure, there are many products available over the counter. Some of those contain chemicals and other ingredients which can irritate sensitive skin so we suggest you try our natural treatment for warts, which may take a little longer to get the job done, but with all natural ingredients they’ll leave the rest of your skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed.

Recommended skin care regime for warts

All our products are 100% natural and clinically proven to have no risk of an adverse reaction. Unlike chemical wart remedies, you can use this regime to treat facial warts as well as those on hands and feet:

1. Use our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar every morning and night. The ingredients include Zander, which has the ability to ‘hook’ toxins out of your skin and feed the immune system. First, wash with the bar as you would with a normal soap. Then apply it again, rubbing the lather into the wart for at least 30 seconds. This time, just let the lather absorb; don’t rinse it off.

2. Moisturise with our Moisturising Therapy Balm to help replenish and protect the skin.

You should start to see results within only two weeks, however, we estimate it will take 4-8 weeks to completely remove a wart, depending on its size. Go on, give it a try! Then revisit this website to leave your feedback below…

Find out more about our natural way to remove warts


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