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How To Remove Warts From Hands & Fingers

How To Remove Warts From Hands & FingersHow to Remove Warts from Hands and Fingers

Warts on hands can be both unsightly and embarrassing for the sufferer.  We have many customers write to use telling us that they have used Syrinx Za products to treat their warts on their hands, and have found them to have disappeared.

Client Testimonial:

“Warts have now disappeared altogether. My skin is so much smoother and some of the flat warts have now disappeared altogether. I love the soap and the balm type cream.” Margaret Caird

What are Warts?
A wart is a non-cancerous skin growth that can form anywhere on the body, especially on the hands or feet. Generally, warts are small and rough, and many look like blisters.

There are different types of warts that can appear on the hands:

  • Common Warts: firm growths with a raised surface, most often found on the hands, elbows and knees.
  • Flat or Plane Warts: small, smooth bumps that can appear in clusters on the hands, legs and face– most common in children.
  • Mosaic Warts: small growths that gather tightly together, usually on the back of the hand

How To Remove Warts From Hands and Feet.…so what causes warts?
The root cause is known as HPV: a virus that causes rapid growth of keratin and leads to a hard formation of skin.
As the virus lives on, warts can spread from one person to another – usually when the infection enters the blood stream through broken skin.

…can warts be cured?
Some warts will naturally last a few months, while others will stay for years. With treatment, they can be removed sooner – but then, without effective skin care, there is a chance they can reoccur.

Syrinx Za Natural Treatment for Warts:

We have a complete range of non-invasive natural skin care products, for use with all types of skin conditions including warts and verrucas.
All our products contain Zander – a nutrient-rich substance that gently draws impurities and heavy metals from the skin. This process allows the skin’s immune system to work naturally, ridding itself of warts and other unwelcome growths and blemishes.

You can find out more about wart removal here => Wart Removal Cream for Hands

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