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Tried and Tested Natural Dermatitis Treatment

Chronic DermatitisThe word dermatitis comes from the Greek word Derma, which means skin inflammation.

Although there are many types of dermatitis all with very different symptoms and causes they all have typical characteristics such as dry itchy skin, redness, swelling and lesions, all of which can benefit from our natural dermatitis treatment.

Causes of Dermatitis

With contact dermatitis the cause is usually but not always an allergy to certain household products, various substances or chemicals or dyes – such as soaps and cleaning products, metals, fabrics or cosmetic ingredients including fragrances.

Simply avoiding the offending allergens could clear up your dermatitis. However it is very difficult to find out which substance is causing the irritation.

For instance – Parabens, which are best avoided, are in many cosmetic, skin care and body products usually as a preservative and are sometimes called; Methyl, butly, propyl or ethyl, which can be very confusing and difficult to avoid.

Treatments for Dermatitis

Steroids are often given as a treatment for dermatitis – Steroids have varying strengths and side effects. Never ever borrow someone else’s steroid cream, they are prescribed by a doctor for your particular skin condition and location.

Long term use of steroids is not good for the skin, possibly causing either a secondary infection, skin bruising , thinning or scarring and is only a short term remedy which some believe the skin can get addicted to.

Natural Dermatitis Treatment

Syrinx ZA has a range of natural products that are tried and tested on sufferers themselves to determine the effectiveness and to confirm that there are no irritants.

Love your products. I cannot tell you what it means to find a product that gives me and my 4 year old son great results on our dry, patchy and itchy skin. It’s been less than two weeks since I made my first order and I would like to place another order again today, but this time for the larger size.

It is so good to see my son is not scratching his arms and legs and as for myself I’m feeling very positive about my skin for the first time in, say over 20 years.
Like many other people in the world I have tried numerous products, always looking for something that is actually natural and effective, but nothing can compare to the results I’ve obtained with your products.
Thank you for caring about people like me with skin problems.

A testimonial from one very happy customer that has used our tried and tested treatments. Check out www.Syrinxza.com for further testimonials.

Our Natural Dermatitis Treatment consists of our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, Ultra-sensitive Therapy Cream and Moisturising Therapy Balm – Dermatitis Treatment regime


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