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Lots of complements as to how good my skin is looking

Hi, I have been using soap, on my face, for years. Then I received your Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and started to use it straight away.

I have had lots of complements as to how good my skin is looking. If you want to send me some leaflets, about your products, I will pass them around my friends.

Christine Hinton

these are my thoughts… I really loved it

Hi I tried your Cleansing Therapy Bar…these are my thoughts on it…I really loved it,

It smelt great and got rid of my itching. I normally come out in a rash when I go out in the sun, last year I could not venture outside and was covered in calomine lotion all summer.

This year thank god I have not had it once while using the therapy bar, I even have a nice suntan and my skin look really good. The only negative I would say is that I felt it made your skin a little dry after bathing so a follow up on some oil or lotion was needed, I used argon oil. Maybe a bit more oil in the bar would make this a much needed all round bar so that you didn’t need to add anything too your skin after using it. All in all though I really did love it and so did my skin…So thank you…Regards…Debbie

Debbie Johnson

I must say the soap is amazing !

i must say Cleansing Soap is amazing the texture is great and the oil in it was also amazing, the best that i have tried … i have also told my family and friends about the soap they said that theyc were going to try it…..

Many thanks again

Linda Gardiner

I have no idea how a bar of soap can stop the blotches…

I found this soap fantastic! I normally have a oily nose, oily forehead, and when i shave i get red blotches on my cheeks and neck and have done for years, and needless to say i hate them, however after shaving i jump in the shower and use your soap, no more oily nose and forehead, and no more blotches, I have no idea how one bar can stop the blotches and oily skin but it did and i love it, thank you very much 🙂

Simon Harper

re: Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, soft and moisturised

I have used the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar soap now for over a week and am very pleased with the result, it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, soft and moisturised.

I have a small tag on my arm which has been there for some years but is now only half the size it was. My son’s girlfriend has psoriasis on her elbows and I have recommended she buy some for herself and have given her the information leaflet accompanying the soap.

Alexandra Sorngaard

After a couple of Days, I started to see changes in my skin

Using the products for the first time I noticed how hydrating they actually are. The bar of soap made a big difference in my bathing routine as it meant I could actually use a soap that wouldn’t bring my skin out in blotches and it also made my skin feel soft at the same time.

After getting out of the bath I used the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy cream and the Moisturising Therapy balm all over my body. The first for my torso, arms, legs and face and the latter for my feet which get very dry and are extremely cracked at the back of them and on my ankles too. After only a couple of days I started to see changes in my skin. Starting from not having the red blotches on my arms any more to my skin actually looking healthier.

Just been able to have my arms out now and not feeling self-conscious as I now don’t have horrible dry patches gives me so much more confidence and I even now dress differently. Before I would cover up and try to hide as much skin as possible but now I don’t need to and can show off my healthy hydrated body care free!

Michaela Britton
Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

The dry skin on my legs has already cleared up

The dry skin on my legs has already cleared up and I am also using the soap on my dog, who has suffered all his life with a skin problem.

His coat and skin are a lot better now. I love it and will be trying your other products. .

Jennie Lanham

Never had such good results!

Just to let you know that I received my soap, and have already noticed a difference. I have used so many different products , but never had such good results .

Many thanks
Sheila Croton

Reminds me off a soap my mum used to use when I was a child

I would like to say thank you for my Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar. It has made my skin lovely and soft and I am very surprised how long it lasts.

It is not overly suddy and is very gentle on my skin. I noticed the improvement on the first use. It doesn’t really smell of anything, but I will admit I expected the coconut to come out more than it does. It reminds me off a soap my mum used to use when I was a child, but unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it.

Angeline Penketh

FANTASTIC: I cant believe how soft my skin feels

Hi just like to say i received a deep cleansing therapy bar today.
I have just used it and would liked to tell you that it is FANTASTIC cant believe how soft my skin feels, I have suffered from eczema since I was born and now being 37 found it hard to find something that doesn’t aggravate it. I have tried lush and body shop products that’s meant to suitable or eczema suffers but had reactions to them.

Liz xxx