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I have suffered from psoriasis all my life

I have suffered from psoriasis all my life and have tried many skin care products but have not had much luck until now, I have just started using the therapy cream for only two weeks, and my family have already noticed a significant improvement in my psoriasis. The condition is on my scalp so it is difficult for me to see but feels loads better and now I feel more confident to wear my hair up, I have already started recommending the product to my friends. I would hope to see a shampoo and conditioner range in the near future if this is possible as this would be an added benefit for myself as I have found many existing hair products flare up and irritate my psoriasis.

Thank you
Joanne Hampshire.

Rid myself of dry splitting feet

I just wanted to give you some feed-back on the Hydrating Therapy Balm which I have been using for my dry feet.

For years I have been trying all manner of lotions to rid myself of dry splitting feet which become especially painful in summer whilst
walking around in flip-flops etc. Especially in the dry climate of Austria, the problem has become worse.

I started using your balm in July and since then the problem has disappeared! This has seriously affected my ability to take long walks which I can now do on a regular basis in any kind of footwear.

So a big thank you to you and I hope that others like me can reap the same benefits.

Very best wishes,


I had hard dry skin on my heels and the balls of both feet

I had hard dry skin on my heels and the balls of both feet. I’ve tried other treatments in the past, but notice they contain ingredients such as ‘uric acid’. Even though it’s synthetically manufactured, I didn’t fancy putting pee on my feet! I also disliked their greasiness that meant I left oily footprints around the house, and on one occasion, I even slipped down a couple of stairs!

I’m cynical about products that claim to achieve results within two weeks, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Syrinx Za moisturising therapy balm.

The waxy balm melts on contact to a warming liquid that skin absorbs quickly. Sure enough, within a couple of weeks the hard skin is disappearing and my feet are starting to look baby-new again.

It’s lucky that you only need to apply a pea-sized amount, because I never want the pot to run out!

Jacky Barry

I have to say the Syrinx Za soap bar is marvelous.

I have to say the Syrinx Za soap bar is marvelous. I am at an age where my skin is constantly changing; going from oily to dry particularly on my face. The soap has made such a difference, it seems to have created a balance. I also have small patches eczema that are easily irritated when using shower gel but using the soap has caused no irritation whatsoever.

Catherine Anderson

So pleased with the results of using it regularly

My wife, myself and our daughter, who is a doctor, are using the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and are so pleased with the results of using it regularly. We now intend to continue using the bar and will look to purchase other products of yours.

David Hildreth

I’ve had problems with dry, sensitive skin on my face

I’ve had problems with dry, sensitive skin on my face for years and the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar has already dramatically improved my skin. I started out with the free therapy bar, and it made such a difference I purchased more. It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised, and I will never go back to chemical laced products, natural is the way to go for me now.

Anna Kamperis

After the first time using it my skin instantly felt less oily

When I first opened the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar it didn’t look that appealing and it didn’t have a strong smell. After putting it to water it foamed up really nice and still without a strong smell. Some of the little beads came off into my hand and I was a little wary. After applying it to my skin, I was more relaxed, as the beads weren’t itchy/ scratchy and didn’t hurt like I have found with others.

After the first time using it my skin instantly felt less oily. I have been using it now for 3 weeks, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. After each use my skin feels oil free, smoother and less irritated, I have even noticed it has kept my stress rashes clam and at bay, but also when my hormones change in a woman’s cycle my skin normally breaks out really bad, my skin has still broken out but instead of them being all over my neck and chin, and forehead there is just a few on my chin which I am really pleased with. In some ways I don’t want the soap to run out lol.

Sallyanne Turner

re: Syrinx Za, Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

Soap helped with dry, flaky skin on my forehead

I’ve been using the Deep Cleansing Therapy bar for a few weeks now, and it’s being great for helping keep my skin hydrated. It has certainly helped me with my dry, flaky skin on my forehead. Makes your skin feel really soft and refreshed not dry at all.

Darren Robertson

The best result for me is on my legs

I’ve been using my Therapy Bar Soap for a couple of weeks now and It’s superb for washing my face, leaving no dryness at all and I’ve been using expensive cream cleansers for years!

The best result for me though is on my legs. I’ve always had dry itchy skin on my legs but never a rash or anything. Since using this bar, the dryness has gone and the skin is so soft. I am now using it to shave my legs and underarms and the difference is amazing. I will definitely be purchasing this bar again and am tempted by the sensitive cream for my face too. I have been recommending this to friends and as I work very close to Manchester Street, you may well see me passing for a closer look.

Can’t thank you enough. I certainly wont be worried about the drying effects of wearing tights in the winter.

Jan Morant-Ball

Soap on my Face? I could not be happier !

Following trialling the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar my sceptisism has gone!

My Mother always taught me never to use soap on my face, but I decided to give it a go and I could not be more happy with it.

I have found myself with fewer spots and my skin is much softer and clearer. I’ve even gave some soap to my mother who has asked for more..

Very much happier with my skin and I can confidently recommend the Deep Cleansing Soap

Jessica Hartage