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Seborrhoeic Wart Completely Disappeared

Dear Customer Services I just want to say a big thank you for encouraging me to persevere with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and the Moisturising Therapy Balm because the seborrhoeic wart I had under my eye, has now completely disappeared. After first visiting my G.P. I was told that there was nothing that could be done to remove it, so I searched the internet for a solution and found the Syrinx Za website and testimonials. I subsequently used the Deep Cleansing Bar and Moisturising … [Read more...]

Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar was a bit of a revelation.

I've had extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin on my legs for most of my adult life. I also have dark skin which makes dry areas quite prominent. I have used many types of moisturising shower products and post-shower products such as oils and specialist eczema/dermatitis creams all of which delivered temporary results. Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar was a bit of a revelation. After using the Skin Cleanser for the first time, there was no itchiness, the skin on my legs looked … [Read more...]

I was made aware of your products via by my carer…

Rashes and bruises appeared on my back and the doctors and skin specialists at the hospital supplied creams to clear the rashes but to no avail. I was made aware of your products via by my carer who has recommended your products previously as she has seen the amazing results on other clients. She brought me a sample to try and was so impressed I bough my first jar and I have seen amazing results in the last 3 weeks and the rash and the bruising has just about disappeared and no longer … [Read more...]

Fantastic Products

I think your cleansing bar, natural emollient and hand cream are fantastic products. The cleansing bar is very soothing to the skin and I think your suggestion to leave the lather on for a few hours after the shower is a great idea. Thank you, Wanda Nagle … [Read more...]

Testimonial about extreme Psoriasis relief.

About my boyfriend who has suffered with extreme Psoriasis for may years now. Having heard about the Syrinx ZA range in a newspaper article my boyfriend was extremely sceptical to try yet another new product, especially after already having tried so many different creams/medications from the Skin Clinic and his GP in the past. However after reading other peoples testimonials on your products I persuaded him to give your soap bar and cream a try, although initially he did think they sounded … [Read more...]

Syrinx Za for Children with Eczema

We purchased Syrinx Za for our two year son who has eczema. We have tried a number of creams with varying degrees of success. As soon as we tried Syrinx Za we noticed a significant improvement in the look and feel of his skin. His skin hadn't felt as soft before. We are therefore very pleased with Syrinx Za and will therefore continue to use it. Zoe Price - Dublin … [Read more...]

Continued to improve my Eczema

Hi All, Just wanted to say that I have been purchasing your products for a few months now as it has continued to improve my Eczema, by relieving the itching and having less breakouts. I particularly like the Natural Emollient Eczema cream which I use twice a day on me and my children. The improvement in their skin is also clear to see and I have already recommended the products to my friends and family. Thank you Syrinx Za. Karen Logan … [Read more...]

Sceptical whether the soap would work

Good day, I received my order of a deep cleaning therapy bar the day after I ordered it, very quick delivery. As a retired qualified nurse I must admit I was a bit sceptical about whether the soap would work. I have two solar keratosis spots on my arms which were becoming unsightly and quite itchy. After only using the soap for five days I can honestly report there is a definite improvement. The areas are not so red and the itching has stopped. I cannot believe they are also reducing in … [Read more...]

I have tried the soap on different types of moles

"I have tried the soap on different types of "moles". One was a "slug", a large brown area with a crusty surface just above the tummy button. The appearance of the mole changed to smooth, although still present. I also did not use the soap on a similar but smaller one which is still crusty. I applied to two skinny protrusion, these are thin and quite firm. These are now still present but softer and flatter. I have tried elsewhere with no change" JC, Tonbridge … [Read more...]

Taken the place of the face wash I’ve used for the past twenty years

The deep cleansing therapy bar has taken the place of the face wash I’ve used for the past twenty years as the first part of my shaving routine. It’s great, doesn’t dry your skin and prepares your face perfectly for shaving cream. Not only that but my wife and teenage daughters have also taken to using it as part of their daily beauty regime. I can see I'm going to be needing to negotiate a bulk discount at this rate. Highly recommended. Mike Turner MusicBus.com … [Read more...]