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Recommending to my clients with dry mature skin

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I first came across your products in 2012. I don’t have eczema myself but wanted to test the Natural Emollient for my clients who have had very good results and have also found it to have excellent moisturising properties making the skin clear and hydrated. I have since tested the Skin Revitaliser which I found to be more appropriate for my own skin and am also now recommending to my clients with dry mature skin.

I have been very impressed.

Mina Matania

Mina is referring to:

Natural Emollient for Eczemaand PsoriasisNatural Emollient Hydrating Rich Cream:
Natural Emollient Hydrating Rich Cream – Purchase the Emollient here.

Natural Skin RevitaliserSkin Revitaliser Deep Derma Hydration Cream:
Skin Revitaliser Deep Derma Hydration Cream – Purchase the Skin Revitaliser here.

June 7, 2013

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