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Luke Maguire, 30 from High Wycombe

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I have suffered from psoriasis and persistent dry skin for quite a few years. I find things like shaving foam and using soap products on my face and body can often trigger outbreaks of dry patches and leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.

I was recently introduced to Syrinx Za Natural Therapy Bar by a friend and began to use it in the bath and shower. I have also used it to shave with as a replacement for shaving foam, and although I usually suffer with terribly dry skin after shaving, this product has made a huge difference. I am left with supple, moist skin which honestly makes the shaving experience much more comfortable!

My wife has also used the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar on her body and it has considerably eased dry patches of skin, and overall her skin seems much softer.

I have also recommended Syrinx Za to my sister who suffers from quite bad eczema and would recommend it to anyone who suffered from similar skin problems. The packaging and its natural fragrance is not too feminine and I am happy to take it to the gym as well!

Luke Maguire, 30 from High Wycombe

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February 14, 2012

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