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these are my thoughts… I really loved it

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Hi I tried your Cleansing Therapy Bar…these are my thoughts on it…I really loved it,

It smelt great and got rid of my itching. I normally come out in a rash when I go out in the sun, last year I could not venture outside and was covered in calomine lotion all summer.

This year thank god I have not had it once while using the therapy bar, I even have a nice suntan and my skin look really good. The only negative I would say is that I felt it made your skin a little dry after bathing so a follow up on some oil or lotion was needed, I used argon oil. Maybe a bit more oil in the bar would make this a much needed all round bar so that you didn’t need to add anything too your skin after using it. All in all though I really did love it and so did my skin…So thank you…Regards…Debbie

Debbie Johnson

August 24, 2012

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