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Laura Pearse

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Having suffered from cracked heels throughout the majority of my life, I’ve tested a fair share of products and methods to try and solve the issue. However, nothing until now has ever really worked.

After first being informed of the Syrinx soap, I started to use it daily and found within about 1-2 months not only did I have softer skin in general, but the condition of the skin on my heels in particular had improved dramatically.

Due to the success of this soap, I then proceeded to try the Syrinx Hydrating Therapy Balm and the Argan Oil ultra-sensitive cream – the former as an all over body product, and the latter for my hands – and can happily say both have worked equally as well, if not better, at improving the condition of my skin. And also to note – there has been no need for regular application unlike other creams as my skin has stayed moisturised for a healthy amount of time.

Because of this I look forward to continue using these products in the future and confidently welcome any additions Syrinx may bring to the market.

Laura Pearse

February 15, 2012

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