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Ian Lindsay-Hickman

Ian Lindsay-Hickman

Dear Mr Bevan

Your brother kindly gave me two bars of your cleansing therapy soap. I have been suffering for the past few years with a very severe skin condition which affects my fingertips particularly badly. They frequently crack and bleed. I’ve tried many solutions, but so far nothing has had anything other than minimal and short term effect.

I wanted to write and let you know how helpful I have found soap. I have only been using it for a few weeks and I have already found that it has alleviated the condition quite considerably.

Cracks have healed over and I am now finding it possible to do washing up again – something which usually leads to immediate cracking of the skin. It’s too early to say whether it can help my condition permanently, but I’m very encouraged by my use of the soap so far.

I do wish you every success with making the soap more widely available.

Yours sincerely

Ian Lindsay-Hickman

February 14, 2012

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