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I have had 3 great successes with Syrinx ZA products!

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I have had 3 great successes with Syrinx ZA products!

1. For 2 years I had a broken and crumbling big toe nail which would never grow to its full length. Six months ago I started rubbing the Syrinx ZA cream on the cuticle/nail bed morning and night. The nail began to grow very fast, and for the last 2 months that nail is, finally, full grown and strong!

2. Recently I noticed I had an ‘old age stain’ on the skin by my eye. Then another patch appeared above it, then another below. For 2 weeks I used the Syrinx ZA bar to wash my face with, and after rinsing, I made a paste with my finger from the dampened bar, rubbed it on the stains and left it overnight. The old age stains have completely gone.

3. My boss, who is very energetic but 81 and under a lot of stress, developed a very red face and bleeding from the skin on his nose. Just one wash and application of the paste made from the Syrinx ZA bar and water calmed the redness and healed the broken bleeding skin. Now he is using it regularly.

I would strongly recommend this product.


Katie refers to a combination of the products below.

Deep Cleansing Skin Therapy SoapDeep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar:
Deep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar – Purchase the Deep Cleanser here.

Natural Skin RevitaliserSkin Revitaliser Deep Derma Hydration Cream:
Skin Revitaliser Deep Derma Hydration Cream – Purchase the Skin Revitaliser here.

June 29, 2013

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