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Testimonial about extreme Psoriasis relief.

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About my boyfriend who has suffered with extreme Psoriasis for may years now.

Having heard about the Syrinx ZA range in a newspaper article my boyfriend was extremely sceptical to try yet another new product, especially after already having tried so many different creams/medications from the Skin Clinic and his GP in the past. However after reading other peoples testimonials on your products I persuaded him to give your soap bar and cream a try, although initially he did think they sounded too good to be true.

Within a few days though my boyfriend noticed an enormous difference in his skin. His skin was much less inflamed than before and was no-where near as itchy as it usually was, we both agreed it was hard to believe these effects were felt within days of first using the products.

The soap bar and cream helped reduce the irritation which in turn made his skin less flaky and more supple than it had felt in a long long time. We would both totally recommend your products to anyone suffering from Psoriasis. These products may cost more than some high street brands however the results speak for themselves.

Keep up the great work.

T Penman
Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland

Product references.
Soap – The Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar
Cream – Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream

April 9, 2013

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