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Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar was a bit of a revelation.

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I’ve had extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin on my legs for most of my adult life.

I also have dark skin which makes dry areas quite prominent. I have used many types of moisturising shower products and post-shower products such as oils and specialist eczema/dermatitis creams all of which delivered temporary results.

Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar was a bit of a revelation.
After using the Skin Cleanser for the first time, there was no itchiness, the skin on my legs looked noticeably smoother. Other areas of skin such as my face, didn’t have the same tightness either.

After continued use, I could get away with not moisturising after bathing if I had no time. Unlike other dry skin products, it didn’t coat my skin in an greasy film – I actually felt clean after washing. The ingredients are completely natural too which is a bonus.

I agree that if used alone, the cleansing bar doesn’t last very long but you can prolong its life by applying it with a sponge or similar. I’d definitely recommend this product for dry skin – it’s not cheap but in the long run has saved me money as I could bin the army of semi-effective, additional cleansers and oils for dry skin that I used to own.

Now I just use the Syrinx Za Bar, shampoo and moisturiser.

S.Shah, London

May 12, 2013

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