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After the first time using it my skin instantly felt less oily

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When I first opened the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar it didn’t look that appealing and it didn’t have a strong smell. After putting it to water it foamed up really nice and still without a strong smell. Some of the little beads came off into my hand and I was a little wary. After applying it to my skin, I was more relaxed, as the beads weren’t itchy/ scratchy and didn’t hurt like I have found with others.

After the first time using it my skin instantly felt less oily. I have been using it now for 3 weeks, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. After each use my skin feels oil free, smoother and less irritated, I have even noticed it has kept my stress rashes clam and at bay, but also when my hormones change in a woman’s cycle my skin normally breaks out really bad, my skin has still broken out but instead of them being all over my neck and chin, and forehead there is just a few on my chin which I am really pleased with. In some ways I don’t want the soap to run out lol.

Sallyanne Turner

re: Syrinx Za, Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

September 9, 2012

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