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After a couple of Days, I started to see changes in my skin

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Using the products for the first time I noticed how hydrating they actually are. The bar of soap made a big difference in my bathing routine as it meant I could actually use a soap that wouldn’t bring my skin out in blotches and it also made my skin feel soft at the same time.

After getting out of the bath I used the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy cream and the Moisturising Therapy balm all over my body. The first for my torso, arms, legs and face and the latter for my feet which get very dry and are extremely cracked at the back of them and on my ankles too. After only a couple of days I started to see changes in my skin. Starting from not having the red blotches on my arms any more to my skin actually looking healthier.

Just been able to have my arms out now and not feeling self-conscious as I now don’t have horrible dry patches gives me so much more confidence and I even now dress differently. Before I would cover up and try to hide as much skin as possible but now I don’t need to and can show off my healthy hydrated body care free!

Michaela Britton
Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

August 20, 2012

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