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Tony Maleedy

Tony Maleedy is the Consulting Tricologist at Syrinx Za International Limited. Syrinx Za International is a Natural Skincare Products manufacturing and distribution company

Tony Maleedy MIT, Syrinx ZA Consultant Tricologist

Tony Maleedy – Syrinx ZA Tricologist

Tony Maleedy MIT, Syrinx ZA Tricologist

Tony Maleedy MIT is a leading hair specialist, a cosmetic scientist, an expert on hair products and the founder of his own company, Tony Maleedy Hair.

Tony is a member and former governor of the Institute of Trichologists, and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. He is hair science consultant to the Remington Corporation, where he has helped develop many of their most successful brands. He has also created hair products and treatments for many companies and organisations, including The Institute of Trichologists and The Body Shop.

Tony has worked as a Trichologist for over twenty five years in Manchester, London and New York. In that time he has treated tens of thousands of people with hair and scalp disorders, including many celebrities and members of the Royal Family. He now works in the field of hair research and hair product development, frequently in conjunction with the Department of Material Science at the University of Bath.

This research underpins the development of new hair products and the greater understanding of hair and scalp conditions and disorders.