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Psoriasis and Alcohol

pilsener-beer-photoWe all already know that alcohol can cause a multitude of health problems and deficiencies, but did you know that it could also responsible for outbreaks of psoriasis?

First and foremostly it is important to point out that there is no medical, definitive proof that there is actually a direct connection between alcohol and psoriasis.

However, let us look at the facts

A connection between Psoriasis and Alcohol?

In 1986, a magazine called Dermatologica published an article by Monk and Neill investigating the relationship between Psoriasis and Alcohol. They studied 100 patients and found that psoriasis was found to be significantly more common in those that heavily drank. And since then there have been numerous claims from sufferers insisting that alcohol does trigger the condition.

So where could these claims be coming from?

Well, the prime reason that alcohol could possibly cause psoriasis is its dehydrating properties. Alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated; dehydrated skin is a big cause of a psoriasis flare up. A pretty simple reason with pretty problematic consequences.
This is not the only explanation for a causal effect between Psoriasis and Alcohol. Alcohol consumption is known to have a deleterious effect on the skin and so could well be held responsible for a variety of skin problems such as acne, rosacea and, you guessed it, psoriasis. Liver abnormality due to alcohol consumption could also disturb a person’s estragon levels, causing the skin to change and potentially deteriorate.
Alcohol-induced nutritional deficiencies can impair the absorption of zinc and vitamins in the intestines, causing a weakened immune system. This then leads to vulnerable skin that is susceptible to conditions such as psoriasis.

Uh oh! How can I treat it??

If you suspect that alcohol could be causing your psoriasis then, of course, your number 1 move should be to start living an alcohol free life. You may well find your skin (and body) thanking you in no time.
The best way you can treat your condition Is to keep it moisturised, moisturised, MOISTURISED! Use an all-natural moisturiser and therapy bar on a daily basis to soothe your condition and give it the hydration it needs.
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