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Helped a 6 Year Old Who Was Using Steroid Creams

“Tried this on my wee boy who is 6 yrs old and he has been using steroid creams and his skin was so bad and red and sore. Well my son has been using this cream for a couple of days and i and he noticed a huge difference to his hands. Thank you. x”

Sharon Mcintosh, Feedback received on Syrinxza Facebook page. 25th January 2016

Her son is using Syrinxza Emollient Cream which is excellent for dry skin and psoriasis and eczema.

> Emollient Cream

Eczema Emollient Cream

Why You Should Look After Your Skin…

Natural Treatment for Dry Skin Issues

Natural Moisturising CreamYour skin is the largest organ in your body and plays a vitally important function so you need to take care of it.

What you put on your body and in your body effects how it functions.

It needs to be able to breathe!

In everyday life we can come into contact with chemicals that can affect it. This can be from car fumes, make-up and many moisturisers that contain toxic chemicals. Over time this can cause the skin to be less efficient and can result in unhealthy skin and problem skin such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, dandruff and dry itchy flaky skin.

Syrinxza products are free from such nasties that can effect the skin such as parabens, chemicals, artificial fragrances, colouring, petroleum, lanolin, hormones and paraffin.

Syrinxza Products Are:

* Ethically produced in the UK

* Free from animal testing

* Even vegetarian friendly!

Free_From_Skin_Care_Awards_Problem_Skin_Gold_Winner_SyrinxzaSuitable for babies, children and adults.
We have some clients that even use it on their pets. Yes, pets can suffer from skin issues.

Our unique ingredient is Sapropel which has been described as the natural skin care wonder ingredient.
Sapropel is rich in vitamins and minerals leaving your skin feeling supple and deeply moisturised.

Ideal for all skin conditions as well as dry & mature skin.

We have positive feedback from so many customers and even won gold award in a natural skin care competition this year.

“After 10 days my skin complaints disappeared.” A. Helleman

Skin Revitaliser is perfect for dry skin that needs deep moisturising.

Shampoo & Conditioner ideal to clean a scalp prone to dry itchy dandruff.

Syrinx Za Natural Skin Care

Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Summer

Hydrating_Cream_SyrinxzaSkin Hydration

It is important to keep your skin hydrated in all seasons.

In winter months the skin often gets dehydrated due to central heating and cold, windy conditions.

In summer however the sun is wonderful for the skin as it provides the much needed vitamin D, however it is important to nourish the skin inside and out to maintain optimum hydration levels.

The best ways to keep the skin hydrated naturally so it maintains its naturally soft, supple nature are:

* Drink plenty of water, seems obvious, but caffeine and carbonated drinks do not replenish the body, pure water is what the body needs.

* Good quality natural body cream – we recommend daily use of Syrinxza Hydrating Rich Cream which uses completely natural ingredients and nourishes the body with its deep derma penetrating abilities and skin detoxifying properties.

* Eat organic vegetables and fruit – it is very tempting to eat fast foods, however many of them contain high levels of fats and have very little nutrients. Smoothies, raw juices are a great way to feed the body with high level of nutrients and fun in the summer!

* Salt – it is important that you use a good quality salt however as traditional table salt has been bleached and many natural minerals and nutrients have been removed. Himalayan sea salt or grey salt maintain their natural minerals and hence help the body’s natural hydration.
We wish you a wonderful summer and beautiful skin!

Our Gift To You This Summer!

Enjoy our natural skin care hydrating cream: as our gift to you, please use code: summer to enjoy 10% off on Syrinxza small and large hydration cream.


Coupon Code: summer

Coupon code available till end of August 2015

Coupon can not be used with any other discount promotion.

The #SyrinxZA Story Part 2

Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar: all natural dry skin soapLooking down the list of ingredients for the Therapy Bar you soon spot ‘Zander (Phragmites communis: natural extract)’.

This exotic sounding item has a wonderful, romantic history that starts with the Ice Age in Eastern Europe some 15,000 years ago. If you can imagine the heaving bergs and glaciers of the present day Antarctic being transposed to Scandinavia and Northern Europe, then you have a picture of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) as they must have appeared during the first Ice Age.

Click here if you missed part 1 of the Syrinx ZA Story

The science bit

Ice is not static but moves inexorably with tremendous strength as a response to gravity. As it moves it grinds the underlying bedrock, creating shallow depressions. After the ice melted these depressions became lakes and these in turn were quickly colonised by algae, reeds and fish.

Even today the Baltic States suffer from pretty severe winters when the lakes freeze over for several months. They are not fed, as Scottish lakes are, by fast flowing, well oxygenated rivers but by the sluggish aquifers that are associated with flat land. This means that the amount of dissolved oxygen that ends up in the lake is limited and is quickly used up by lake dwelling organisms.

Now the reeds growing around the margin of the lake are vigorous and lush. They are also herbaceous, which means that dead leaves and stems are going to fall into the water regularly. In a well oxygenated environment the organic debris would be quickly oxidised by organisms to carbon dioxide and water.

When oxygen is scarce

However when oxygen is scarce, this cannot happen and you end up with an anaerobic jelly. Over many thousands of years and at a deposition rate of 1 mm per year, this jelly has built up. Even allowing for surface oxygenation, many lakes may contain a thickness of some 9 metres of this material.

In Latvia you can see some truly beautiful lakes. If you were to jump in for a swim you’d be surprised that the water barely passed your knees! But then you are standing on a lot of jelly. So the water gets displaced, as do the fish. The creature of economic importance out there is the pike-perch, much sort after for its creamy sweet flesh but increasingly displaced by the accumulating reed jelly.

It’s been a long and slow process but now the jelly or ‘Zander’ is being carefully dredged. The ecological balance is being redressed and before long the pike-perch will recolonize the lakes.

Everything we do is engineered to be ethical, natural and sustainable and critically help and protect our environment.

We’d welcome your questions or comments in the space provided below.


Hand Made Soap – The #SyrinxZA Story

Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar: all natural dry skin soapThe Syrinx ZA Story starts over 15,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when Mother Nature began the process or creating the conditions which eventually led to the current day harvesting of the natural ingredients we use to manufacture our natural skincare products.

We’ve named our primary ingredient Zander. More about Zander later but for now let’s talk about saponification and the manufacturing process which helps to make Syrinx Za products so unique and beneficial.

To saponify or not to saponify? What really is best?

Printed on the packaging of every cosmetic product you buy these days is a list of the ingredients. The ingredients lists are generally quite long and complicated. The Syrinx Ingredients lists are mercifully short but there are surprises.

If you take the Syrinx Deep Cleansing Natural Therapy Bar for instance, you will notice that the first four ingredients of this traditionally handmade soap are all oils, which is far the norm. If you look close you will see the majority of commercial soaps will only use the salts of the oils such as ‘sodium olivate’ or ‘sodium cocoate’ rather than the oils themselves.

The difference is that these commercial soaps are made from pre-saponified oils, which are purchased as ‘noodles’ (so called because they are extruded through a huge mincer called a plodder) by the soap maker who then adds other ingredients, including fragrances and colourings to make the soap distinctive.

Why commercial soaps are slightly hydrophilic

On the other hand many handmade soaps start with the oils themselves and the reaction with lye that results in the production of a salt also yields glycerine – a well-known and important moisturiser.

However glycerine is salted out of the majority of commercial soaps before the noodles are forwarded to manufacturers. This explains why commercial soaps are slightly hydrophilic – tending to absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and potentially irritable.

Avoid Soreness – use hand-made soap.

The result can be soreness, particularly around the face and neck. In handmade soaps glycerine remains an intrinsic part of the soap matrix and is fixed there through a process of curing. Such soaps will remain hard and dry providing they are kept out of water. The advantage of this ‘cold batch’ method of soap making is that the soaps retain a key moisturising property and do not cause the skin to dry or be irritable.

Of course commercial imperatives favour the pre-saponified noodle system. Glycerine derived from vegetable oils is very pure and has value in a wide range of technology. Moreover you can’t push glycerine and soap through a plodder so the cold batch system is always going to be labour intensive and therefore more expensive.

Syrinx ZA – Perfected the method producing natural soap

At Syrinx we have perfected a method of producing our round soap bars using a series of insulated tubes as moulds. Once the product is set it is pushed out of the mould with compressed air before cutting. Not an easy job but a very effective one.

In the early days I lost control of the air compressor and the soap shot out of the tube like a torpedo. It hit the opposite wall and reformed as a short fat lump of soap. I still possess it- it has the word ‘Damn!’ etched into the side.

Syrinx ZA – More than just soap

Syrinx Za manufactures a range of Natural Skincare Products based around Zander and other natural ingredients. Watch out for the next instalment of the Syrinx Story or Sign up to receive our posts by email so that you never miss a copy and keep up to date with our skincare news.


Natural Skincare Products Stocked from Natures Larder

No More Skin Allergy with NelsonFood fuels our lives, but do we contemplate where it actually comes from?
Food producers use a multitude of processes that mess with Mother Nature’s larder and our food often passes through many hands before it reaches our plates. So even if we do contemplate what’s on our plate, it’s often difficult to have a truly natural diet with no additives or “un-natural” ingredients because we simply do not have enough control.

Whilst at home my wife and I try to eat naturally, using organic produce where possible. But if you’ve ever tried to stick to an organic diet you’ll know how expensive this can be, and when travelling as we are now it’s literally impossible to eat healthily without starving or living on fresh fruit.

Natural Skin Care Products

I for one am thankful that choosing natural skincare products is a great deal easier than selecting natural foods. As a skin allergy sufferer I can be sure that the Syrinx Za skincare products I use are stocked from nature’s larder because I am involved in the research and testing of all our products.

Everyone deserves more of the good stuff that nature has to offer and you can be as sure as me that we don’t use chemical stabilisers or un-natural products in Syrinx Za products. For many years I suffered from what I call “dog-skin”, a severe reaction to dogs and cats which manifested on the skin on my face and was very sore (understatement) whenever I petted a dog, cat or hairy animal.

Nelson and MickNo problem Nelson
We are currently in Perth, Western Australia staying with my brother-in-law who has one very playful dog and three very energetic cats, one of which is named Nelson who has taken a real shine to me! In the past all four of these family pets would set off my rash. But not today… Natures Larder provides Syrinx Za with the natural ingredients needed to formulate our products and keep my dog and cat skin at bay…

No Problem Nelson… Bring it on….


Oily skin | Q & A | Oily skin Treatment and Care

Deep Cleansing Therapy BarWhat are the common symptoms of oily skin?
Oily skin may be sallow in appearance, thick and heavy in texture, and is prone to break out in spots, blemishes and pimples. You may also notice visible pores, clogged pores, blackheads and a build-up of dead cells on the skin surface.

However, it’s not all bad news, as oily skin helps keep moisture locked in and so is less likely to get wrinkled in later life.

What causes oily skin?

All skin contains sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is the skin’s natural lubricant. The problem of oily skin occurs when these glands become over-active and produce too much sebum that ends up on the skin surface.

Who gets oily skin?

Anyone can suffer from oily skin at any time, however, some races and age groups seem to experience oily skin more than others.

Can oily skin be cured or treated?

The aim of treating oily skin is to remove the excess sebum, and there are many cures on the market. We recommend a totally natural treatment that doesn’t contain chemicals to aggravate the skin.

What is the best cure for oily skin?

While we mostly mention how well our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar works on dry skin, it’s equally effective on oily skin. That’s because – although it looks like a soap and acts like a soap – it’s not actually a soap. It combines natural ingredients in a cold process to cleanse, draw out impurities and protect skin of all types. Just add water to work the bar into a gentle lather and let it soak in (without rinsing). It only takes a couple of weeks to see results.

What people say about our oily skin soap

“After the first time using it my skin instantly felt less oily. I have been using it for 3 weeks, twice a day. After each use my skin feels oil free, smoother and less irritated.”
Sallyanne Turner

“This is my second week of using the soap, mainly on my face and I love it! My skin feels clean when I have used it and my skin is definitely clearer. I had a couple of stubborn whiteheads which have been there for months and months. They have now gone!”
Kim Smith

“My mother’s always told me never to use soap on my face, but I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve found myself with fewer spots and my skin feels softer and clearer.”
Jessica Hartage

If you try our treatment for oily skin, The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar please tell us how you get with it on in the comments below.


Animal Testing

Image depicting No Animal TestingThere has been a great deal chatter on social media lately regarding animal testing with some major brands admitting that they do test products on animals. We have also been asked if we use animals during our product testing procedures.

This post is to assure our customers and prospects that Syrinx Za has never and continues not to test our products on animals. We test all of our products on willing humans, and we always will.

No Chemicals and No Testing on Animals.

They call us the natural skin care company for good reason as we only use ingredients found naturally in nature and we only use sustainable ingredients so we are not robbing our planet of its natural resources.

Syrinx Za management takes it responsibility to the environment, nature and humanity very seriously and we welcome any questions you may have about our products or our manufacturing methods. Please post any questions below this post and we will be happy to discuss them with you.


How to Remove Toxins from the Skin

Syrinx Za Natural Skin CareToxins enter our body from many sources. Orally in the food we eat, form environmental airborne attack and also from substances we touch and wear such as jewellery and watches.

Whilst a high-fibre diet and drinking 2 litres of water per day will help your body to rid its self of toxins in your system, you may need a little help to withdraw these toxins from the skin to help avoid dermatological issues such eczema flare-ups.

Zander: Skin Toxin Removal Properties

Zander is a unique substance which forms over many thousands of years in an oxygen-free environment which means that it contains many substances which formed the parent plants from which it is extracted. These substances have great benefit to human (and animal) skin.

Humic substances, simply put, have the unique ability to “grab” impurities from the skin in a process called “chelation” – this process deeply cleans the skin which is particularly helpful in people whom are prone to Atopic Skin diseases such as eczema or other dermatological issues.

Importantly, Zander is the key ingredient in our products which has an unparalleled ability to retain moisture and hydrate the skin. Lipids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids also boost resistance to skin disease whilst working to make the skin soft, smooth and healthier than ever before.

Our Skin Toxin Removal regime begins with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and can be followed up with our creams, balms and skin moisturiser’s dependant on your personal skin care needs.

Further reading and research


How to get soft smooth legs through autumn and winter

How to get soft legsCan you believe it’s September already?
The kids are back at school and there’s definitely an autumnal chill in the air. Despite the fact that we might now be changing out of our summer dresses and shorts and into long skirts and trousers, we still want to have soft smooth legs through autumn and winter.

Have you noticed how your shins can tend to get dry and cracked ‘alligator’ skin?
Very unattractive! One solution is to hide your legs in opaque black tights, while it might help to eat lots of oily fish (so we’ve heard). But, unless you want to look like an alligator, you really want to know how to have soft legs all year round.

How to get soft legs

Rather than using a chemical-based lotion for legs, we recommend a combination of our 100% natural moisturising therapy bar and therapy balm.

  • The bar looks like a soap and acts like a soap, but has therapeutic qualities (unlike soap). Simply wash yourself gently with the bar. You don’t have to rinse it off if you don’t want to; just let the lather soak in to your dry skin.
  • The balm has more of a waxy texture that melts on contact with your skin to form a luscious chemical-free lotion for legs. To entrap extra moisture in your skin, apply the balm to your legs after every bath or shower. It absorbs quickly with no greasy residue.

You’ll soon see the results (customers tell us it works in less than two weeks). Instead of itchy dry legs, you’ll be itching for summer to come round again so you can show them off!

What’s in the mix?

All our products are 100% natural and enriched with Zander. This 6000-year-old sediment contains immunity-boosting vitamins and the ability to ‘hook’ metals and other toxins out of your skin.

Other ingredients include shea butter, Kalahari melon seed oil and a tea-tree oil preservative with antiseptic qualities. Together, they help to leave your skin replenished, nourished and looking fabulous.

Note that none of our products include artificial colours or additives, paraffin, parabens, steroids or chemicals, and they are not tested on animals. Not even alligators.

Find out more about how to get soft smooth legs through autumn and winter

Moisturising Therapy Balm | Deep cleansing Therapy Bar

The best result for me is on my legs!
I’ve been using my Therapy Bar Soap for a couple of weeks now and It’s superb for washing my face, leaving no dryness at all and I’ve been using expensive cream cleansers for years!

The best result for me though is on my legs. I’ve always had dry itchy skin on my legs but never a rash or anything. Since using this bar, the dryness has gone and the skin is so soft. I am now using it to shave my legs and underarms and the difference is amazing. I will definitely be purchasing this bar again and am tempted by the sensitive cream for my face too. I have been recommending this to friends and as I work very close to Manchester Street, you may well see me passing for a closer look.

Can’t thank you enough. I certainly wont be worried about the drying effects of wearing tights in the winter.
Jan Morant-Ball