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Melinda Coss

Melinda Coss is the Delia Smith of Natural Soap Making, working with Syrinx Za International Limited. Syrinx Za International is a Natural Skincare Products manufacturing and distribution company

Melinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap making

Melinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap makingMelinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap making
Melinda Coss is the award winning author of three international, bestselling books on the manufacture of natural soaps and creams. Described by the press as ‘The Delia Smith of Soap making’ Melinda is an avid believer in Fair trade and has helped to set up soap making enterprises in three regions of Africa.

Melinda is passionate about the use of natural botanicals on the skin and during her sixteen years in the natural cosmetics’ industry has formulated products for major UK supermarket chains and prestige independent stores in the UK and in France. Melinda has advised Syrinx Za on our product formulations and has commissioned and overseen the stringent testing of our products.