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Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is a cold-process soap manufactured by Syrinx Za, the Natural Skin Care Company, specifically for skin problem sufferers.

Award Winning – Deep Cleanser, Skin Detoxifying Therapy Bar

Detoxifying_Therapy_Bar_Gold_Award_Skin_CareGold Award Winner

Recently Syrinxza “Deep Cleanser and Detoxifying Therapy Bar” won gold award for problem skin in the skinsmatter awards.

The awards are for products which use natural ingredients and are tested by external testers.

This simple to look at therapy bar is rocket power for your skin. It was the first product to be developed by Syrinxza and works on cleansing the deep derma layers of your skin, thus helping the largest organ in your body to breath easier and let out toxins from your body, which may otherwise cause skin issues such eczema psoriasis, dry skin.

We recommend daily use of the bar all over your skin. It also can be used as a natural alternative to traditional shaving foams and even shampoo.

It is perfect for sensitive skin and has no parabens, no steroids, no petroleum and no chemicals.

A Natural Solution For All Over Body Care.


Deep Cleanser Ingredients:

* Sapropel: A vitamin and mineral rich 15,000 year old glacial lake mud, able to detoxify the skin, draw out impurities and boost the skin’s own immune system.
* Curcuma Longa: Also known as Turmeric, a spice used in soaps to provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
* Sodium Olivate: An olive oil formulated through the hydrolyzation of Coconut Oil in the presence of sodium to produce the Therapy Bar. It is very effective in deeply cleansing the skin.
* Castor Oil: Extremely useful in removing any dirt or harmful bacteria clogging up the pores, keeping the affected areas clean, clear and completely detoxified.
* Cera Alba: Essentially beeswax – Maintains soap hardness and imparts a texture that contributes towards the originality of the soap. It protects the skin from ultraviolet lights and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
* Aqua: Pure, deionized water is used to avoid any unwanted precipitates such as limescale, meaning irritation of sensitive skin is reduced.
* Sodium Cocoate: The mixture of fatty acid salts that are formed when coconut oil and sodium hydroxide are combined. It is a surfactant and emulsifying agent that is an essential ingredient for all effective soaps.


Could this be the best soap to use for Acne ?

Best Soap to Use for Treating AcneAre you on a quest to find the best soap for Acne?
Are you at that stage in your life when you want to look your best and you feel that Acne getting in your way or letting you down?

We may have the answer to your search for the best soap to use for Acne!
Technically speaking our Acne Soap is not actually soap, it is a Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar. Our Soap for Acne is a cold processed bar of natural ingredients developed to deeply clean and remove toxins from the skin.

What Causes Acne?

Acne develops when skin follicles become blocked and a plug of keratin and sebum forms. Basically forming blackheads, whiteheads and spots. Hormonal activity, the menstrual cycle, puberty and an increase in male androgens may all contribute to Acne.

What is the best treatment for acne?

Acne generally disappears on its own or diminishes significantly by around 25 years of age, but some people carry Acne into their 30’s and 40’s.

Acne occurs due to natural skin functions and science has not yet found the wonder pill or cream which will make Acne go away, so the best we can hope for is to manage Acne by encouraging the unblocking and deep cleansing of Acne affected skin.

What is the best soap to use for Acne?

We believe that the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is the best soap to use for Acne because it is manufactured form ingredients found naturally in nature and it was developed to deeply clean the skin.

Engineered to draw impurities form the skin it will help to clear the blockages which create spots, blackheads and white heads and used as part of a daily skin health regime it will keep your skin clinically clean without the use of chemical ingredients which often add to the problem.

What to do next on your Acne health Quest

Firstly we invite you to read more about or buy the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar.
Further, we advise that to understand that the human skin is an organ and it’s general health and cleanliness is important so creating and sticking to a general skin care and cleanliness regime will help you control Acne.


Natural Family Skin Care and Cleansing

Natural Family Skin CareFamily Skin Hygiene and Natural Deep Cleansing
Your families skin is important to you and you want to use natural, sustainable products created only with ingredients found naturally in nature.

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar can help you achieve your family skin care goals.
It’s the ideal family cleanser, it lifts impurities from the skin as it deep cleanses and helps prevent possible fungal infections.
Buy now or read more about the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar:

Natural Family Soap

The Deep cleansing Therapy Bar for your Family Skin Care Regime.
Actually, it’s not really soap, it’s a natural cold-processed skin therapy bar. It’s just easier to call it soap!

As well as being great for general family skin care it’s also ideal for dry skin conditions from simple shaving rash to more serious family skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


Remove Makeup Without Damaging your Skin

Answering the call from women all over the world we’ve compiled a few makeup removal tips using a natural skin care product from Syrinx Za.

Many women use makeup on a daily basis – some to cover blemishes and others to accentuate their looks. However, if makeup isn’t removed every night, your skin can become irritated. Leaving makeup on will not only clog your pores, but it will cause blemishes too, so it’s definitely worth removing it, and we have a few makeup removal tips for you.

Natural Makeup Removal Tips

Removing makeup properly is a must if you want smooth, clear skin, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. Rather than cleansing and moisturising your skin as part of a long and drawn out process, simply using a cold processed soap like the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar can be just as effective – a one-step process with impressive results.

It’s also worth thinking about avoiding buying luxury makeup removal products that have luxury price tags, assuming that because they’re expensive they’re bound to work, – this isn’t always the case. Instead, the old-fashioned makeup removal tip of using soap and water can work just as well, without the need to spend a small fortune.

Makeup Removal Routine

Makeup removal is said to be most effective at night, before you go to bed. People use anything from baby wipes to cream cleansers to remove makeup, but both of these products have a tendency to not only dry out the skin, but to give it a rough texture too. Try to get into a routine, using natural products to remove makeup at night.

Deep Cleansing Soap

Being chemical and paraben free, the Deep Cleansing Therapy Soap Bar is completely natural and therefore completely kind to your skin. Also, most soaps do not contain an ingredient called glycerine, because it’s known to clog up machinery during manufacturing. Glycerine is a key ingredient in the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar because of it’s smoothing, nourishing properties.

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is the ideal makeup removal product. This dry skin soap will not only remove makeup from your skin, but it will improve your skins natural moisture too, ensuring it’s glowing and radiant as opposed to being dry and sore.

Makeup Removal with Natural Dry Skin Soap

Whether you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin, Deep Cleansing Therapy Soap works with your skin. With this product, there’s no need to harshly rub your face to remove makeup – simply washing it gently will have the same great effect, thanks to Zander. Zander is an ingredient that works by removing impurities and restoring your skins normal moisture levels, keeping in what other makeup removal products take out.

Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar for Gentle Makeup Removal

Whilst we never invented the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar as a makeup removal soap, the best makeup removal tips we can offer is to use it for removing your makeup at night and for general all over cleansing in the morning.

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar does what it say’s on the tin, it gently, deeply cleanses skin and as a bonus its perfect for natural makeup removal, leaving your skin feeling young and refreshed.

More about The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar | Purchase the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar


Contact Dermatitis Treatment

Contact Dermatitis can be initiated either by an irritant such as some soaps and detergents, acid or alkaline materials solvents and chemicals. Or allergic reaction to almost anything you are prone to, IE Cats and Dogs and a host of other surfaces, animal and mineral.

The term Dermatitis covers a whole host of skin related problems and is derived from the Greek “Derma” which means “Skin” and “itis” which means “Inflammation”. Hence Dermatitis is often referred to as an inflammation of the skin.

Help is at hand for sufferers of Contact Dermatitis

According to Wikipedia, Irritant Contact Dermatitis accounts for around 80% of all cases of contact dermatitis and it’s more common than you think.

The Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis vary with the differing types of the condition and they range from rashes, redness, swelling of the skin, lesions, itching and even oozing of the skin, even scarring of the skin in severe cases.

Syrinx Za manufacture a range of natural skin care products suitable for treating the many types of Contact dermatitis.

Treatment for Contact Dermatitis

There are a great many reasons why people will be prone to Contact Dermatitis but school is out on whether or not there is a cure. However at the top of the Dermatitis sufferers shopping list should be our best selling Dermatitis Soap, aptly named the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar.

We have three great products, each containing Zander and other natural ingredients and you can read more about them and dermatitis in general on our Dermatitis Cure section.

Oh, and if 59 seconds to spare please watch the video below.