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Allergies to Dogs

Anyone can develop a skin allergy to dogs and it can be quite a nuisance causing a red rash and itchy skin generally on the face when the sufferer strokes or touches a dog.

Skin Allergies to Dogs

Anyone can develop a skin allergy to dogs. I remember in my youth we always had dogs and cats as pets around the house and as kids we’d enjoy wrestling with the dogs and annoying the cats. No one in our family of six kids and parents suffered any allergies of any kind.

Eventually when I began working life and family and home of my own with young children we had a gap of around 10 years with no pets in the home. Then we decided to get a dog from the dogs home and we chose a Collie cross which was about 1 year old and very playful, patch as we called him was a real character.

Almost immediately after bringing patch into our home I began to develop a rash on my face and eventually our GP confirmed that I had developed a skin allergy to dogs and to cut a long story short, poor old patch had to move in with a relative who loved patch as much as we did.

Dog Allergy Symptoms

When I petted or stroked a dog, I knew that I was going to suffer almost straight away with what I call “Dog Skin” where the skin on my face between my nose and my cheeks and the triangle of skin on my forehead above my nose would become red, itchy and sore. Sometimes I just wanted to really scratch my skin, which of course made matters worse.

Immediately as I touched a dog, I felt an overwhelming urge to wash my hands and face as I knew what was about to come so like any any one who suffers from skin allergies to dogs I looked for a cure.

I used to use a combination three products from a well known high street brand to combat the symptoms and these products worked well to relive the redness and the itching, but it took years of trial and error to find a combination of products which soothed my skin allergy to dogs. And it was very expensive.

How I finally cured my Skin Allergy to dogs.

Cutting another long story short I was introduced to Syrinx Za Natural Skincare products and I was advised to use a combination of the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, which is a cold processed soap and the Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream.

So I purchased both products and as recommended I use the Soap on a daily basis as a simple cleansing soap with the Ultra Sensitive Therapy cream in reserve for when I develop my dog allergy when I come into contact with dogs.

To my surprise (and great pleasure) since using the Syrinx Soap my skin allergy to dogs has not manifested at all, I can now pet dogs without the consequences of a rash or itching. I did not even need to use the Therapy Cream which my wife now uses as a general skin moisturiser.

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