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Allergic Skin Treatments

Allergic Skin Treatments are products manufactured specifically for people are prone to skin irritation upon contact with a substance or surface which disagrees with their skin. The best Skin Treatments are those which contain all natural ingredients such as those manufactured by Syrinx Za.

Allergic Skin | Q & A | Allergic Skin Treatment and Care

Image of Soap for Allergic SkinWhat is allergic skin?
Allergic skin comes up in a red rash, blisters or weals that feel itchy or burning. Often, it’s the arms, legs, neck or chest that are most affected.

Here is an example of how Mick Say uses Syrinx Za Products to treat his skin allergy to Dogs and extremes in environmental conditions.

What causes allergic skin?

The most common causes for allergic skin are plants such as poison ivy, as well as harsh soaps and chemical detergents. However, some skin allergies can be triggered by central heating, wet weather, fumes, dairy products, dust mites, and nickel as used in watches and jewellery.

Who gets allergic skin?

Anyone can get a skin allergy at any time, especially those who already have dry or sensitive skin.

What are the symptoms of allergic skin?

Symptoms include:

  • Contact dermatitis with large burning itchy patches that take days to fade. There are three types:
    * irritant (results from exposure to irritants)
    * allergic (results from exposure to allergens)
    * phototoxic (either of the above, activated by sunlight)
  • Urticaria (known as ‘hives’ in the US) where a bumpy rash appears and fades in minutes or hours
Can allergic skin be cured?

As well as using natural products to protect and heal allergic skin, there are various things you can do:

  • Have an allergy test to identify the irritant
  • Do what you can to avoid the irritant
  • Use a mild or pH neutral soap
  • Turn down the radiators
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery frequently
  • Change bedding often
  • Only wear precious metals
  • Cut out dairy products
Can allergic skin be treated?

Here’s some common advice for allergic skin treatments:

  • Immediately wash with water and apply lemon juice or vinegar
  • Apply calomine lotion or take antihistamine, hydrocortisone or zinc
  • Use an emollient (although some creams make allergic skin worse, by sealing toxins and chemicals into the skin)

On the other hand, you can try our alternative treatment for allergic skin – it’s 100% natural and clinically proven to be non-irritant.

Natural treatment for allergic skin

Our products are enriched with a natural cleansing agent we call Zander. It’s an ancient sediment that has the ability to draw impurities out of the skin. Here’s what to do:

  1. Make a lather with our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and rub it firmly into the affected area, without rinsing
  2. Moisturise with our Ultra-sensitive Therapy Cream, letting it dry naturally

Follow this treatment plan every morning and night, and you’ll find your skin is soothed within two weeks.

If you suffer from allergic skin, please give it a try and then update us in the comments below.

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Best Cream For Allergic Skin

If you have red, bumpy, itchy skin then it’s likely you’ve had an allergic reaction to something, and are searching for the best cream for allergic skin. Allergic reactions are very common and can be caused by anything from changing your shampoo, to using a different makeup remover.

Although there are many different types of allergic reactions, from contact dermatitis to atopic dermatitis, there are products available that can help the symptoms of the reaction, such as the itching, calm down. Many creams work to remove the redness that reactions cause, with the itchy sensation consequently removed at the same time.

Best cream for Allergic Skin

When your skin is itchy and sore, the last thing you want is to use a product that irritates it further. As a result, you should always treat your skin problem with a natural product that’s free of chemicals and parabens, so you can be certain of it being kind to your skin.

While allergic reactions can take several weeks to clear up in some cases, investing in a good skin cream will work wonders. However, it should be remembered that our skin varies from each other’s, and while one person’s allergic reaction could clear up in a week, someone else’s could take a month, or even longer.

Allergic Skin Treatments

Syrinx Za offer a number of allergic skin treatments, like the ultra sensitive therapy cream, for example. This is ideal for all different types of skin, such as dry and sensitive, as well as skin of all ages. With Sapropel and argen being the key ingredients of the cream, the product aims to naturally heal the skin, while also locking in moisture that allergic reactions sometimes remove.

The ultra sensitive skin cream works by nourishing and smoothing the skin, restoring what’s been damaged and deeply moisturising the skin to avoid it becoming dry. This allergic skin treatment works best when it’s applied daily after a bath or shower, as this is when the skin is most supple. It can also be used throughout the day – applied as much as you like – as it’s completely safe to use frequently and liberally.

Ultra Sensitive Skin Cream

The Ultra Sensitive Therapy Skin Cream works even better when used in conjunction with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar which is a natural cold processed soap and the best deep cleansing therapy soap.

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