Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine Allergy

Chlorine AllergyChlorine allergy can occur after you have been swimming if you have particularly sensitive skin and there is excess chlorine in the swimming pool.

Often the reaction to the chlorine can create an allergic symptom such as itchy skin, red dry skin or even itchy bumps.

It may look like eczema symptoms or a mild rash.

Chlorine can be drying to the skin but with some people’s skin who may be hypersensitive to chlorine it can create this irritation.



We often get asked what treatment do you recommend.

  1. Chlorine Allergy Treatment

    Chlorine Allergy Treatment

    We recommend using the Derma Protector Balm on any specific area of the body where the skin may be irritated prior to swimming. This will help protect the area by creating a natural seal/barrier over the skin reducing irritation.

  2. After swimming we recommend you use the Detox Soap (Therapy Bar) as this contains sapropel which help remove the chlorine from the surface of the skin layers naturally due its chelating ability. Sapropel contains fluvial substances with hooks known as ligands. Each hook acts like a lobsters claw drawing charged metals atoms and drawing them to the surface of the skin, thus removing any impurities including chlorine. The skin is naturally porous so can absorbs the chlorine, so
  3. If you are a regular swimmer we recommend using the Natural Emollient Cream on your skin after swimming to moisturise the skin and help the skin boost its natural immune system so it stops the sensitivity to chlorine in the first place.

If there is a steam room, we also recommend you steam after swimming as this will enable the pores to sweat out any chlorine from the skin as well.

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