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Tried and Tested Skin Tag Treatment

Skin Tag RemovalSkin tags are also known as the rather scary word acrochordons but are actually usually far from scary. Mostly they are harmless and do not even need to be removed but they can be, “naturally” using a tried and tested skin tag treatment.

Skin tags are non-cancerous tumours that form where the skin creases, creating this extra piece of dangling, unsightly skin.

What do skin tags look like?

Skin tags are small, soft flesh colours growths that look like a dangling piece of skin. The size can vary too from 2mm right up to 5cm; however the largest size isn’t very common.    How many you get can vary from 1 – 100s. Anyone of any age or weight can get skin tags but they are said to be more common in people over 50 or those that are overweight.

Where do skin tags appear?

As we said previously skin tags usually appear where skin rubs together such as the neck, the armpits in the groin but also on top of eyelids.

Are skin tags contagious?

Unlike warts or verrucae there is nothing to suggest that skin tags are contagious.

Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags can be removed in a surgical procedure where they are cut off, burned off or frozen off by a GP.   Do not attempt to cut off skin tags yourself as they can bleed a lot especially if the are large growths.

Philip Richard Syrinx Za Chairman explains his experiences with the product on his own skin tags.

Syrinx ZA have a natural tried and tested skin tag treatment that is harmless and not at all painful, it does take time and patience but eventually the skin tag just disappears.

Please read the skin tag removal page for the skin tag treatment regime.


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