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Skin Tag Causes

Image of Skin TagsSo, skin tags. Chances are you’ve probably had at least one or two in your life. And chances are you’ve not considered them the most attractive thing to happen to your skin. But what exactly are skin tags?

Generally speaking, a skin tag may appear as a small soft bump that can appear anywhere on the skin. Over time, the skin tag can grow and turn into a flesh-coloured bit of skin that connects to the skin by a small stalk. It remains soft, however, so is usually quite easy to move back and forth (if you so wish!)

What symptoms can Skin Tags Cause?

The good thing about skin tag symptoms is they are more often than not completely painless. As with most skin conditions though, skin tags can become irritated if they are touched or rubbed too much. So if you have one on an area where clothes are likely to rub against it, such as the back, then you may find it does become quite sore.
Another factor that may cause a skin tag to become painful is if the stalk becomes twisted. This can then cause a blood clot to form and a lot more pain to occur.
Skin tags pose no serious threat to an individual’s health and are absolutely not cancerous growths, so removal is more for cosmetic purposes.

So what is the main Skin Tag Cause?

No-one knows for sure what actually causes skin tags, but there are a couple of suggestions…
The pretty simple yet plausible reason for the cause of skin tags is the rubbing or chafing of skin against clothes, and that this can irritate the skin and provoke a reaction in the form of a skin tag. Others believe that skin tags should be put down to a reaction to more internal issues, such as genetics, a hormonal imbalance or even a resistance to insulin.
The New York Health Guide found that obese people are significantly more likely to develop skin tags. This supports the ‘rubbing’ theory as they have more skin folds which can lead to chafing. Alternatively, pregnant women were found by Crosta to be more at risk of skin tags, presumably due to the hormone and chemical changes within their bodies.
An alternative possible Skin Tag Cause is the use of steroids. Steroids cause skin fibres to bond which then leads to outgrowths forming. Those that use steroids have been found to be quite susceptible to skin tags which backs up this suggestion. Age can also be considered a Skin Tag Cause – Schwarz found that by the time people have aged to 70, over 59% will have experienced at least one skin tag.

Skin Tag Treatment

Of course surgery is always an option for skin tag removal. But this is by no means the absolute only way to treat a skin tag.
The Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar has been found to be extremely effective in the removal of skin tags.
Simply use the soap every morning and night for a minimum of two weeks to see results. When you use the bar create a thick lather and then use the bar to scrub the skin tag. Leave the lather on the skin to dry naturally (about 30 minutes) to allow it time to work.
To learn more about treating skin tags, visit Skin Tag Removal

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