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Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Image of Skin Tags on the NeckSo, you have a skin tag. But what exactly does that mean?

Skin tags come from a root stalk of cells that grows out of the skin and takes form in a growth, often skin coloured and varying in size. They can appear just about anywhere on the body although are most commonly found in the folds of skin such as armpits, eyelids and behind the knees.

What are the risks of Skin Tags

Generally speaking, no, skin tags are not dangerous.

That is because most skin tags are benign and will never become a problem, more a mere inconvenience. Many people believe that skin tags can be cancerous but this is incredibly unlikely.

The most trouble that benign skin tags can bring you is chafing or catching on your clothing, which can cause pain, discomfort and bleeding. Once pulled off, it is quite unlikely the skin tag will grow back, but you may be left with slight scarring. In fact, for many people they accidentally pull a skin tag off without even knowing it was there in the first place.

While health problems are very rare when it comes to skin tags, they may well indicate an underlying issue. Skin tags that appear in large numbers could point towards diabetes or an insulin problem, so it’s worth taking a trip to your local GP to find out if this is a possibility for you.

Complications with skin tags can often arise if you choose to have them surgically removed for cosmetic purposes. Where the surgery has torn the skin can provide an access point for bacteria and therefore cause an infection. Before you have any form of surgery, it is important to find out whether your suspected skin tag is actually a skin tag – moles and other skin growths should be treated in a very different way to skin tags and may react differently if removed, causing riskier complications.

How can I treat them

The Syrinx Za Therapy Bar has been found to be extremely effective in the natural removal of skin tags without the need for surgery and any complications it may bring.

Simply use the soap every morning and night for a minimum of two weeks to see results. When you use the bar create a thick lather and then use the bar to scrub the skin tag. Leave the lather on the skin to dry naturally (about 30 minutes) to allow it time to work.

To learn more about treating skin tags, visit Skin Tag Removal


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