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Natural Treatment for Human Skin Allergy to Dogs

Skin Allergy to DogsDo you have a Skin Allergy to Dogs?
I knew if I touched or petted a Dog I would suffer an allergic reaction later, so I would avoid touching dogs and other greasy skinned animals to the extent that I would avoid visiting family and friends who owned dogs and household pets.

On those occasions where contact with dogs was unavoidable I would feel an urge to wash my hands and face and would do so at the earliest opportunity, but it never stopped the symptoms of my dog allergy coming on strong later on.

Symptoms of Dog Allergy

Below are the Symptoms of Dog Allergy I suffered before I learned how to cope with it. Within hours of petting a dog the thin area of skin on my face below my eyes and above my cheeks at either side of my nose would become red and inflamed and itch like hell. I really felt like I wanted to scratch my skin and did on most occasions.

I also felt an overwhelming urge to wash my hands and face whenever I came into contact with any greasy skinned animal. The symptoms of my dog allergy possibly don’t sound too severe to a person who has never suffered a skin allergy, but I can assure you it was very nasty for me.

I was born in a village in the UK County of Cleveland and we always had a dog as a family pet. It also seemed like everyone else in the village did too, so I was never more than a few steps away from a dog and for sure not a single day would go by without wrestling and play-fighting with Patch and later Blackie our family pets.

As a child, I never suffered any Symptoms of a Dog Allergy. It was only later, in my thirties, having lived without dogs for ten or more years that I developed my Skin Allergy to Dogs.

How I Successfully Treat my Skin Allergy to Dogs

I work in marketing and to cut a long story short I became involved with Syrinx Za which is the skin care brand which offered me the treatment to my Skin Allergy to Dogs.

Skin Allergy to Dogs Skin Care Regime:
I have replaced my high-street brand of shower gel with the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and following my morning shower I apply the Ultra-Sensitive Skin Therapy Cream to the problem area of skin on my face. That’s it !!

Following the above daily skin care regime has cured my Skin Allergy to Dogs and I can now pet animals and again visit family and friends who own family pets.

If you suffer from a Skin Allergy to Dogs or any other animal – or even any general skin allergy I would recommend you buy and try the following products: Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar | Ultra-Sensitive Skin Therapy Cream


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