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Itching From Allergies

Itching From AllergiesItching is perhaps the most commonly found symptom of an allergy. Sufferers of an allergy may find their skin becoming itchy after coming into contact with their allergen – whether this be a certain food, dust mites, pollen, central heating or even jewellery. Itching usually occurs on the outer skin such as on the arms or legs, but can also occur internally such as in the mouth or ears.

So, yes, we know that Itching From Allergies is a common occurrence, but why does it happen?

Why do allergies cause itching?

Now for the scientific part…

When an allergy sufferer is exposed to a substance they are allergic to, the body responds by producing vast amounts of antibodies. These antibodies then aim to locate any molecules of the allergen within the body’s bloodstream and remove them by transferring them to the body’s mast cells. This process causes histamine to be released into the body. When histamine is released in large amounts such as this it can cause some body tissue to become inflamed and, therefore, itchy.

What are the dangers of Itching From Allergies?

While it may be the instinctive response when we have an itch, excessive scratching can cause the skin to damage and break, even sometimes bleed.

When the skin is broken, an environment is provided where micro-organisms can flourish, meaning both bacterial and viral infections could occur.

If the skin is broken from scratching then the skin is vulnerable to a bacterium named Staphylococcus Aureus infecting the skin or catching contagious viral infections such as cold sores. Ouch!

How can I treat it?

Keeping your skin completely away from any potential allergens is, of course, ideal but unfortunately not always possible.

The best thing you can possibly do is try to keep Itching From Allergies under control. This means an effective, natural emollient should be applied on a daily basis to calm symptoms.

The Syrinx Za Emollient is a natural chemical-free emollient containing Zander and Argan Oil, ingredients that are able to work together to draw impurities from the skin and relieve inflammation and itchy skin. It uses the ancient healing powers of Sapropel and Argan to soothe and rehydrate the skin, while removing any toxins.

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