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Common Skin Allergies

common skin allergiesA skin allergy is when the skin has an over-reaction to a particular substance, usually something that is harmless to a non-allergic individual. Skin conditions caused by allergies may result in problems such as eczema or psoriasis.

Generally speaking, skin allergy sufferers tend to have more than one particular allergy which means that, simple parts of day to day life can become a sensitive skin sufferer’s worst enemy.

Skin allergens are all around us – how much do you know about the most common culprits?

Top Seven Skin Allergies

Rough materials such as wool can wreak havoc on sensitive skin and can be a major trigger for eczema.

Harsh, non-natural soaps can dry out sensitive skin and remove its natural oils, leading to dry, cracked or even bleeding skin. Using harsh shower gels can also present the same problem.

Cleaning Products
Cleaning products are, of course, not intended for the skin due to its high chemical content. However, skin can come into contact with these chemicals which can severely irritate sensitive skin and provoke allergic reactions. Wearing protective gloves when handling these substances is strongly recommended, particularly for sensitive skin sufferers.

Heat can aggravate the skin and cause an allergic reaction due to an increase in perspiration and the skin becoming dried out in high temperatures. Heat-induced eczema can cause wide-spread red spots, oozing, blistering, inflammation and itchiness. Ouch – watch out for those summer months!

Detergents leave a residue in clothes every time they are washed; this residue can be anything left behind by the detergent, such as artificial fragrance agents. This not only provokes skin irritation but also cause clothes to stiffen, making clothes even more uncomfortable on sensitive skin. Perspiration against biological detergent can reactivate the chemical-filled residue and cause even further problems for skin conditions.

Perfumes and Deodorants
Allergic reactions to harsh perfumes and deodorants are very common so if you feel your skin may be at risk then seek alternative options.

Plants including ivy, lemon, lime, celery and some types of flowers contain an oil called ‘urushiol’ which can cause allergic reactions.

Creams that contain chemicals such as parabens and steroids work by sealing the skin and preventing natural moisture from leaving the skin, something that can damage and weaken the skin in the long run. It is always best to choose a natural cream or emollient to treat your skin and avoid any adverse side effects.

Our recommendations

Sometimes Common Skin Allergies are just unavoidable, but it’s never too late to start treating the symptoms so choosing effective, natural skincare is absolutely vital.

Our Ultra-Sensitive Cream, Therapy Balm, Emollient, and Therapy Bar all contain Sapropel, meaning you have a variety of products you can choose from to reap the benefits of the ingredient.

You could even combine the products to get the best results Sapropel has to offer. You could start by gently washing with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and, after, applying the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream or Balm, using the fingertips to work the product into the affected areas gently but firmly.

Alternatively, you may find one product works better for you than the other as everyone’s skin is different, so try them out and see which works best for you. If you suffer from skin allergies then replacing the Ultra-Sensitive Cream or Therapy Balm with the Emollient may be more effective in reducing allergy symptoms.

For best results, apply every morning and night – and during the day if patches flare up.

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