Cracked Foot Treatment


Cracked Feet & Heels

what does it mean…and what’s the best natural treatment?.
Anyone at any age can suffer from damaged feet or cracked heels. In severe cases the skin can be hard, calloused and deeply cracked open to bleeding and infection. Even more normal feet and heels may suffer from dryness, and require treatment before red, flaky patches on the sole or heel begin to itch, peel or crack…or worse, lead to bleeding or discharge.

Cracked Feet and Heels Treatment

Deep_Cleansing_Therapy_Bar_comboSoothes, Relieves and Repairs Cracked Skin.

We recommend using the Deep Cleanser, Detoxifying Therapy Bar and Natural Emollient Cream for best result.
* 24 hour 100% natural hydration and protection for the skin.
* Moisturises and restores even the most severely dry, cracked skin.
* No parabens, steroids, petroleum or chemicals.
* No animal testing.

Therapy Bar + 180ML Natural Emollient Cream £39.60 (normally £52.96)



Using breakthrough ingredient Sapropel to add essential vitamins, minerals and lipids to the skin, boosting the skin’s immune system and encourage the regeneration of cells whilst enabling it to retain its natural moisture.

…so what causes the skin to crack?

Cracking is often a result of the pressures we put on our feet every day: excessive outdoor or beech life, bearing heavy loads, lack of air or moisture, and maybe a touch of neglect. It all takes its toll. And when the skin splits, the feet become vulnerable to infection…

…can the cracked skin be cured?

Yes, but the real challenge is keeping the skin healthy. A quick-fix treatment is one thing, but a long-term remedy is another.

To stop the cracks reappearing, you might need to start a new skin care routine – taking a few simple steps every day to keep your feet fully hydrated.

And the first step is choosing a foot treatment that brings out the best in your skin…

The problem is, many cracked heel remedies contain artificial additives, including chemicals that can aggravate the cracked or blistered areas of the skin. In some cases, chemical-based treatments can lead to irritation or rashes…making it harder than ever to get back on your feet.

…Syrinx Za can help with cracked feet and heels

We have a range of natural balms and lotions, to treat all kinds of dry, cracked skin – including a Natural Emollient Cream, designed to soothe cracked heels and feet.

All our products contain healing properties that will gently restore the damaged skin – taking the pressure off your feet, so they’re ready for tomorrow. Whatever that brings…

Crucially, all our ingredients are 100% natural…so with Syrinx Za, there’s no risk of an adverse chemical reaction.

Syrinx Za Foot and Heel Cream is an intensive formula that helps to smooth hardened skin on your heels and feet. It hydrates and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier to help prevent further moisture loss. With regular daily use, feet will feel noticeably softer and smoother in only two weeks.

  • Provides 24 hour hydration for dry, rough and cracked feet.
  • Noticeably smoother and softer skin in two weeks.
  • 9/10 volunteers experienced a visible improvement
…try this cracked feet and heels treatment regime:

Make a thick lather with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, and rub it firmly into the affected skin. Do this for a few minutes every night until the cracking starts to heal. For best results, let the lather dry naturally – for 30 minutes at least, or overnight if possible.

Follow this treatment by working the Natural Emollient Cream firmly into the affected skin. Either of these treatments can be applied throughout the day, as many times as needed, but should be used both morning and night as a minimum.

Syrinx Za natural treatment for cracked feet and heels:

Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar

Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar cracked feet and heelsAll natural, cold process soap for all ages and skin types
This dry skin soap treats a full range of sensitive skin conditions, including cracked feet, heels and fissures.



Natural Emollient Cream for Cracked Feet and Heels

The natural alternative treatment for all types of troubled skin
Syrinx_Natural Emollient_50ml_Jar2Our gentlest body and face cream is a natural emollient that soothes and nourishes, replenishing dry and dehydrated skin.


Your skin is unique

Our customers tell us these are the most effective treatments for cracked feet and heels. But it’s different for everyone. For example:

  • The skin creams work well on oily skin or delicate parts of the body – including the face, ears, neck, chest and groin.
  • The balms offer protection from the elements, and work well on dry or cracked skin – especially on the hands, feet, ankles, legs and arms.
  • Some customers have recommended the use of the therapy bar only – rubbing the lather into the affected area and leaving on to dry naturally overnight.

So you may want to experiment. All our products are clinically proven to be non-irritant, so you can mix and match without risk. It won’t be long before you find the right balance for your type of skin.

For most of my life, I have suffered with severe cracked heels.
I have been using the therapy balm for the past few months and my heels are AMAZING! It has completely softened my feet and new skin seems to have grown. Nothing I have ever used has done this
. Rachel Carter – Read the full testimonial.


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Your data is protected and not shared with 3rd parties. Offer available for first-time subscribers only. Excludes products on special promotion. Terms & conditions apply.