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What is Dandruff?

what is dandruffSo, what is dandruff?

Okay, so we all know that dandruff is flaky bits of skin that fall off your head and can be pretty unsightly, uncomfortable and embarrassing. But really, how much more do you know about it? Maybe you’d like to find out and more importantly find out how to treat it.

What are the signs of Dandruff?

Of course, white flakes of skin within the scalp and hair is probably the top sign that you are indeed suffering with dandruff. These flakes of skin may fall onto the shoulder, making the condition more obvious to others when dark clothing is worn.

The scalp might feel particularly itchy, tight or irritated. There have been reports from dandruff sufferers that their head feels tingly thanks to condition so this could also be considered an indicator.

Most cases of dandruff do not require any professional medical assistant as a good, effective shampoo will usually solve the problem.
However, if you find your scalp has become red or swollen and non-responsive to self-treatment then this could indicate sever seborrheic dermatitis and a trip to the GP is highly advised.

Why do I have it?

Dandruff is by no means a dangerous or uncommon condition to deal with but it can be an irritating one.

Dandruff is caused when the natural cycle of skin renewal becomes overly rapid. This then leads to detached dead skin forming on the scalp that can then get caught in the hair and fall off. Causes of this sped up cycle could be due to seborrheic dermatitis or out of control malessezia.

Emotional stress, chemical filled products, excessive washing, lack of washing, skin conditions such as eczema or a generally weak immune system are also considered factors that could cause dandruff in an individual.

How can I treat it?

Dandruff is a fairly common condition that, yes, CAN be controlled with the correct treatment.

Now you have the answer to ‘What is Dandruff’ it’s time to find out how to treat it.

The best way to treat dandruff at home is to opt for an all-natural, moisture-rich shampoo such as the Syrinx Za Shampoo. The shampoo contains natural, hydrating ingredients that can help to ease the symptoms of dandruff and soothe the associated irritation using antiseptic properties, allowing you to live a dandruff-free, easier life.

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