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Reasons for a Sore Scalp

reasons for a sore scalpThere are a variety of possible Reasons for a Sore Scalp, ranging in seriousness. A sore scalp can really affect a person’s quality of life. Day to day life becomes quite uncomfortable and difficult. Simple things such as sleeping, washing, brushing your hair and even can be very challenging for a sufferer of scalp soreness.

So what are the reasons for your sore scalp? Could there be an underlying cause? And how do you go about treating it?

Why do I have a sore scalp?

Yes, there is a chance your sore scalp could be indicating a more serious condition, but chances are it may just be down to quite a basic issue.

Simple problems such as dry skin, excessive scratching/brushing and overly-tight hairstyles are the main Reasons for a Sore Scalp. Well, we say simple – dry skin issues can be anything but simple, but it certainly isn’t much to worry about.

More intense conditions can lead to a sore scalp, in which case a GP may need to be consulted…

A fungal infection such as ringworm could be the root reason for scalp soreness. Ringworm could also come with other symptoms such as redness, itching or even pus-filled sores. A doctor would need to diagnose such a condition.

Acne could also be behind scalp soreness. Not many people would assume that your scalp can suffer from acne as well as the face but it is actually quite a common place for the condition to appear. A sufferer of oily skin or dandruff could be vulnerable to acne, and special shampoos may be required to treat this type of scalp soreness.
Psoriasis is a condition that could also cause a very sore scalp. It can appear in patches of inflamed, itchy, red, scaly and sore skin. The scalp is a fairly common area for psoriasis to appear so specialised shampoos and conditioners are available to treat it.

Treatment options

As many of the Reasons for a Sore Scalp can be treated by yourself at home, it’s time for you to find good scalp products in order to do so.

Syrinx Za’s Hair and Scalp Combo are formulated to treat and reduce the symptoms of an sore scalp, whatever the reason for it may be.

The 3 piece products are based around our key ingredient, Sapropel. Sapropel has the unique ability to detoxify the scalp, drawing out impurities that may be causing the soreness, and provide a moisture-rich array of vitamins and minerals that work to restore the scalp back to its optimum health.


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