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Psoriasis on the Scalp

Scalp CleanserPsoriasis on the scalp is a relatively common skin condition that is thought to affect as many as half of the estimated 7.5 million Americans that suffer with psoriasis. Most of the time, an individual that suffers with scalp psoriasis will also suffer with the condition on other parts of their body but this is not always the case.

Scalp psoriasis can affect a sufferer of any age and can range from mild irritation to severe pain, affecting day to day activities such as sleep and work and prove to be quite an embarrassing condition to contend with.

Symptoms of Psoriasis on the Scalp

Symptoms of scalp psoriasis can vary from slight scaling in mild cases to more serious symptoms in severe cases.

Reddish plaques with white scaling may occur on the surface of the scalp and may cause dandruff-like flaking. A dry scalp that can be itchy or irritated may also be a symptom of scalp psoriasis.

More uncommon symptoms such as a burning sensation, a strong pain or hair loss may also occur in more severe forms. Please note, however, that hair loss is not a direct symptom of scalp psoriasis, but it can happen as a result of frequent scratching, harsh treatments and stress related to the condition.

What are the Causes?

Scalp psoriasis is most likely to occur in individuals that already suffer from psoriasis on other parts of their body, so it is generally a hereditary condition.

Sometimes scalp psoriasis can be worse than others depending on factors such as stress, infection, changes in temperature/weather and harsh treatments.

Ouch! How can I treat it?

The best way to treat Psoriasis on the Scalp at home is to opt for an all-natural, moisture-rich scalp shampoo, conditioner and prewash such as the Syrinx Za Scalp Combination.

The 3 piece treatment all contain natural, hydrating ingredients that can help to ease the symptoms of scalp psoriasis and soothe the associated scaling, redness, irritation, inflammation and flaking using antiseptic properties, allowing you to live a more comfortable, psoriasis-free life.

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