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Cradle Cap Treatment

Cradle CapSeborrhoeic dermatitis or as its more well known: Cradle Cap is that scaly, yellow scalp condition seen on baby’s scalps.

Strangely enough although its more commonly seen on the scalp Cradle Cap can appear on the face, neck, behind the ears and skin folds on the baby.

Some times inflammation can occur due to a reaction of the skin but most babies do get away with just having a mild form of this condition. If your baby seems in discomfort or the scalp appears infected the please seek a doctors advice.

When Does Cradle Cap Appear?

Half of all babies are affected with cradle cap and it appears when the child is between two and six months old. Cradle cap can often clear up by itself after a few weeks but some can take months or even longer.

Symptoms of Cradle Cap

It seems to upset parents more than the baby itself as it does not usually cause itching or much discomfort to the baby, but what you will see  are large, greasy, yellow or brown crusts, flakes or scales.  However tempted you are to just pick off the scales thinking that will make it look better please do not, as this can cause infection.

What Causes Cradle Cap

Do not worry Cradle Cap is not contagious, and not contracted through any hygiene issues.  Experts are not certain what causes it but they believe that its due to overactive sebaceous glands.

Cradle Cap Treatment

Treating cradle cap is relatively simple. Whats required is a natural shampoo formulated to treat scalp conditions.  You might think that a mild shampoo, or a baby shampoo would be natural enough but usually these still contain detergents, perfumes, and other chemicals which would just irritate the skin condition further.

Syrinx Za Scalp Treatment – or Scalp Reviver will do just the trick

Its been developed to normalise scalp conditions for people and children who suffer with eczema, dermatitis, dry scalp, psoriasis and dandruff and its mild enough for babies.

Directions for use

  • Dampen hair or scalp
  • Apply the cream and gently massage into the scalp
  • Leave on for 20mins or for as long as possible.
  • Rinse
  • Shampoo as normal.

This should give moisture to the scalp, remove inflammation and prevent a build up of scales. For best results use the scalp treatment for Cradle Cap once or twice a week.


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