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Psoriasis and Diet

Psoriasis and DietPsoriasis is not an easy condition to live with so sufferers are usually very keen to find whatever they can to alleviate their symptoms. But what if this could be achieved by something as simple as what you eat?

There are very few studies that show a medical link between Psoriasis and Diet but there have been vast amounts of claims from sufferers that there is. So where are these claims coming from?

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What foods aggravate Psoriasis?

Many have insisted that eliminating certain foods from their diet has undoubtedly reduced or actually completely relieved their Psoriasis altogether.

Although there is no confirmed connection between a person’s Psoriasis and Diet, there is absolutely no harm in exploring whether it makes a difference to your condition.

List of suspected Psoriasis food triggers

  • Gluten and Yeast: A sensitivity to gluten or yeast could mean a gluten-free or yeast-free diet could potentially rapidly reduce Psoriasis symptoms in some.
  • Dairy: Dairy is commonly associated with inflammatory conditions so eliminating this food group from your diet could also reduce Psoriasis symptoms.
  • Red Meat: Red Meat is also associated with inflammatory conditions but, even more importantly, cardiovascular diseases. Psoriasis causes a sufferer to also have a higher susceptibility to heart problems so it is certainly wise to stay away from the further risks red meat brings.
  • Alcohol: A very high amount of Psoriasis sufferers claim that consuming high levels of alcohol significantly worsens their symptoms. No research has confirmed this link either but it may be due to dehydration of the skin or the alcohol’s ability to give white blood cells easier access to the skin, which in turn can inflame the skin. It is definitely worth trying a completely alcohol-free diet for a while (as hard as it may be!) to see if there is any improvement to your Psoriasis.

So what foods are GOOD for Psoriasis?

  • Fish and Omega 3: Fish contains anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce symptoms of Psoriasis.
  • Herbs: Herbs are thought to boost the skin’s own immune system and reduce any inflammation.
  • Vitamin-rich Foods: Vitamin A rich foods could encourage healthy skin and reduce conditions such as Psoriasis thanks to their nourishing properties. Such foods include carrots, lettuce, paprika and sweet potatoes.
  • Antioxidant-rich Foods: Antioxidants nourish the body and are very effective in fighting off diseases that Psoriasis increases your risk of such as cancer and heart disease. Such foods include fruits, nuts, whole grain and vegetables.
Elimination Diets

While trying out elimination diets is useful when finding out if there is indeed a connection between your Psoriasis and Diet, it is important you do not carry out any significant eliminations for any extended periods of times as it could prevent your body receiving the nutrients it needs.

Try to remain healthy at all times by having a low in fat and high in fruit/veg diet to avoid any other health issues arising. Further reading on Psoriasis Treatments.


I have suffered from psoriasis all my life and have tried many skin care products but have not had much luck until now, I have just started using the therapy cream for only two weeks, and my family have already noticed a significant improvement in my psoriasis. The condition is on my scalp so it is difficult for me to see but feels loads better and now I feel more confident to wear my hair up, I have already started recommending the product to my friends. I would hope to see a shampoo and conditioner range in the near future if this is possible as this would be an added benefit for myself as I have found many existing hair products flare up and irritate my psoriasis.

Thank you
Joanne Hampshire.

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