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Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

PsoriasisPsoriasis is a chronic skin condition that can be characterised by red, scaly-like patches covering the skin. It is thought to affect around 3% of the American population and 125 million people worldwide according to psoriasis.org,
While it may have an aesthetically unattractive nature, psoriasis is by no means simply a cosmetic problem – 60% of sufferers claim the condition causes significant problems in their day to day lives, so they constantly seek the best natural treatment for psoriasis.

Why choose Natural Treatments?

Unlike skin conditions that are the result of external causes, psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder, which basically means it is a genetic condition. This means that most drug treatments designed for psoriasis contain steroids and biologics that can actually depress the immune system, and come with long term side effects that can eventually weaken the skin, making it more vulnerable and susceptible to psoriasis than it was to start with. As well coming with long term risks, the prohibitive cost of steroid-based treatments puts them out of reach of many people.

Natural treatments means the symptoms of psoriasis can be controlled for a longer period of time. Natural treatments are very beneficial because they do not cause any side effects and reduce the risk of causing further damage to already sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients such as Argan Oil are extremely useful when treating psoriasis. Argan Oil’s combination of nutrients and vitamins and abilities in moisture retention mean that the nasty dry symptoms of psoriasis can be alleviated. The oil’s antiseptic properties can help heal the damage psoriasis has caused the skin, meaning the redness and white patches become considerably reduced when it is used on the skin consistently and frequently. Sufferers of psoriasis may have generally more sensitive skin, meaning they are more vulnerable to adverse side effects when using chemical-based treatment. Using natural products that uses natural ingredients as effective and minimal-risk as Argan Oil is undoubtedly the best option.

While this condition is not life threatening, it has a profound effect on daily life, self-esteem and confidence and so treating it in the gentlest yet most effective way possible is crucially important for a sufferer.

Our recommendation

Both the Syrinx Za Natural Emollient and Syrinx Za Skin Revitaliser contain Argan Oil among a variety of other natural ingredients that work as a blend to relieve psoriasis and in our opinion is the best Natural Treatment for Psoriasis.

 Because we know that everybody’s skin is different, we strongly recommended initially using both these products to treat your psoriasis and find which works best for you. You could start the day by applying the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream, using the fingertips to work the cream into the affected areas gently but firmly, and then end the day with the Emollient, or vice versa. For best results, apply every morning and night – and during the day if patches flare up.

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