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Are you Seeking an Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis?

Alternative Psoriasis TreatmentUntil science finds a cure for psoriasis we can offer an alternative treatment.
As you may know, the most famous fictional character with severe psoriasis is The Singing Detective in the 1986 BCC drama series starring Michael Gambon that was most recently repeated in February 2012.

The story was written by Dennis Potter, himself a psoriasis sufferer who had to write with a pen tied to his fist. In 2003, the drama was remade as a film starring Robert Downey Jr.

Most people with psoriasis will never suffer as severely as the plot’s main character, Dan Dark. But whether you experience constant cracked bleeding skin all over, or just occasional red patches on your elbows and knees, you’ll want to find an alternative treatment that works for psoriasis.

Typical symptoms of psoriasis

If you’ve ever had psoriasis, you’ll be aware that the main symptoms are dry rough skin with red patches, itchiness and soreness. But it’s not just the skin discomfort that’s the problem; it’s also how the appearance of your skin can affect your confidence. Many psoriasis sufferers are reluctant to face the world, especially these days, when so many of us are seemingly judged on our looks.

Why look for an alternative treatment for psoriasis

As you may know, there’s no long-term cure for psoriasis, and chemicals and additives often inflame sensitive psoriasis skin. However, you can control the symptoms of psoriasis when you choose a treatment that’s 100% natural and clinically proven to be non-irritant.

Suggested psoriasis alternative treatment régime

Everyone’s skin is different, but many of our customers tell us this process results in 24-hour skin hydration that works for them:

  • Use our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar every morning and night (don’t rinse it off at night; just let the lather dry naturally)
  • Apply our Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream after bathing or showering, and at intervals during the day
Results of our psoriasis alternative treatment…

Our alternative treatment for psoriasis can sooth and reduce the symptoms of psoriasis in just two weeks, so you enjoy smoother and softer skin with improved appearance.

What our clients say about our psoriasis alternative treatment…

“I have had psoriasis for over 50 years. After a few days using the soap it stopped the irritation.”

“Your Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar reduced the soreness and itching in just a few days, I started using your Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream as a secondary treatment, and I can say the symptoms are becoming less of a problem.”

You may not be a detective, but you’ll sing with joy now that you’ve found the alternative psoriasis treatment you’re looking for! Find out more about our Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis


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