Skin Revitaliser Moisturising Cream

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Moisturiser Cream

Soothes and Moisturises Skin.

* Reduce dryness and flaky patches
* Deeply moisturizing, softens and rehydrates
* Nourished, rejuvenated & healthy, radiant skin
* Protect the skin against pollutants
* Maintains strong and healthy skin
* 24 hour protection to naturally boost the skins immune system.
* No parabens, steroids, petroleum or chemicals.
* No animal testing.

 50ML £22.47 | 180ML £39.97 


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Skin Revitaliser Moisturising Cream

Moisturises and Invigorates Skin.

50ml is ideal for use as a face moisturiser, whilst the 180ml is wonderful value and perfect as an all over body cream.

Our Skin Revitaliser has everything you need to have beautiful skin, while boosting the skin’s suppleness and general health.


“I was amazed how hydrating it is and I have seen an incredible difference to my skin. My face is glowing, i look healthier and more youthful.

The skin feels soft and smooth, even amazed how my fine lines appear to be disappearing. A gift for a 45 year old!

I also love the fact its a natural product with no nasties and kind to animals so suitable for vegetarians. This really does seem to be a miracle cream! “


The cream is able to nourish the skin and restore damaged areas in a safe and pain-free manner.

It is easily absorbed, contains an extremely hydrating formula and very rich in Sapropel and argan oil, leaving the skin deeply moisturised and softer than you thought it could ever be.

Pure and Natural Ingredients

Our Skin Revitaliser is a completely natural and chemical-free offering a truly natural 24 hour moisturiser.

Using the breakthrough ingredient Sapropel, a rare glacial lake sediment, the cream naturally yet effectively hydrates the skin leaving it soft, smooth and healthy. Due to being vitamin, mineral and lipid rich, Sapropel can draw out impurities of the skin, approaching the root cause of problematic skin conditions and due to its fulvic and humic properties can encourage the production healthy new cells to begin the repairing process.

It is a source of vitamins that boost the skin’s immunity and promote regeneration called Beta Carotene, Tocopherol and Thiamine.

The Skin Revitaliser also contains Argan Oil, which can work individually and combined with Sapropel to give your skin the best results possible. Argan Oil is botanical oil extracted from nuts in Morocco and is one of the world’s best sources of Vitamin E, blended with Sapropel, the skin has a unique skin regeneration ability.

Thanks to its pure, natural ingredients, the Skin Revitaliser can bring a new life to tired, dry skin. Clinical trials show that these natural ingredients will soothe the driest skin, providing a safe and effective treatment for hypersensitive conditions.

Care For Your Skin

The breakthrough natural formulation of the Skin Revitaliser means it is safe and risk-free for all skin types and people of all ages, while still able to target tired, dry skin conditions.

The Skin Revitaliser is a grease-free cream that sinks into the skin deeply and quickly, meaning caring for your skin has never been easier.

Just apply the Syrinx Za Revitaliser Cream after every bath or shower as liberally as necessary. It is completely safe so feel free to apply it as frequently as you wish.

…everyone is different
Naturally, everyone’s skin reacts to different treatments in different ways. For some people, this product will offer a complete skincare treatment – but you might benefit from adding other Syrinx Za products to your skincare routine.

Skin Revitaliser

All Syrinx Za products contain essential oils and other natural ingredients to help care for your skin in the gentlest yet most effective way possible. We pride ourselves on the ingredients we use so we have provided you with an ingredient list so you can learn all about what goes into Syrinx Za’s products.

Syrinx Za Products are Free From:
Parabens * Steroids * Artificial Fragrances * Colouring * Petroleum * Lanolin * Hormones * Animal Testing & Animal Ingredients.

Skin Revitaliser Ingredients:

* Sapropel: A vitamin and mineral rich 15,000 year old glacial lake mud, able to detoxify the skin, draw out impurities and boost the skin’s own immune system.
* Argan Oil: A moisturising oil high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, proven to alleviate skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. .
* Almond Oil: Used as a carrier oil and gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.
* Coconut Oil: An antioxidant and moisturising oil that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. It rids the skin of toxins and helps to heal skin conditions, nourishing and improve the skin’s suppleness. It also has proven cosmetic qualities such anti-wrinkle properties.
* Cera Alba: Essentially beeswax – protects the skin from ultraviolet lights and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
* Aqua: Pure, deionized water is used to avoid any unwanted precipitates such as limescale, meaning irritation of sensitive skin is reduced.
* Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate: An emulsifying agent that is able to deeply condition the skin and act as a cleansing agent.
* Glyceryl Stearate: A lubricant that softens and soothes the skin and protects the skin from water loss, preventing dry skin conditions. .
* Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerine: A highly moisturisng ingredient that pulls moisture back into dry, dehydrated skin. It protects the skin from irritation from excessive wetness, and so it particularly effective in conditions such as nappy rash. 
* Phenoxyethanol: Used in a very small dose, Phenoxyethanol is a reliable alternative to harmful parabens and offer protection against bacterium, moulds and yeasts. .
* Caprylyl Glycol: A natural skin conditioning agent that hydrates the skin and alleviates skin conditions related to dry skin such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.

“The cream is good, makes my face skin more smooth and looks 2 years younger.” D. Hermitage

“Skin tone has been quite good in the past, but now running 4 times a week so wind and rain are making my facial skin very dry. Lots of wrinkles appearing, especially round mouth and chin. The cream was a little stickier than my usual moisturiser. When i first used the revitaliser there was a slight tingling sensation, which felt like it was doing something. It has helped to lessen jowls on neck below chin, and fine lines on cheeks and around eyes seemed less obvious. It has not effected the deep wrinkles yet, but i think it may continue to have a gradually greater effect over a longer testing period of time, so will continue to use it.” C. Welchman

“My neck is so much better then any other anti-ageing product i have used which i didn’t think it would be, so far after 11 days. Completely removed pimples from upper arm using the soap… instantly! First day! Fine lines better on face and neck using the face wash soap and emollient cream within 8 days. Good moisturizing of the balm, especially on cracked heels.  The cream nicely absorbs and is not greasy unlike most skincare products, really smooth.” Helen Lowry

“I love it! It is light as air, smooth as silk and feels natural which it is. A joy to use, as so light. It makes me feel good as i know i’m not doing any harm to my skin. Ive been using it night and day. The face cream absorbs really quickly into my skin, it must have very small particles. At night, I wash my face with cotton wool and then have used the cream, in the morning i have noticed that when i have washed my face again and since using the cream the cotton wool has more traces of dirt, i can assume the cream is drawing impurities out of my skin as it never use to do that.” Tamayra Hayman

“I was amazed how hydrating it is and I have seen an incredible difference to my skin.

My face is glowing, i look healthier and more youthful.

The skin feels soft and smooth, even amazed how my fine lines appear to be disappearing. A gift for a 45 year old!

I also love the fact its a natural product with no nasties and kind to animals so suitable for vegetarians.
This really does seem to be a miracle cream! ” Jo Ward

“As an opera singer i wear a lot of makeup on my face & body quite often for stage work. Once it comes off, my skin often feels tight and dry & I need to slather cream in order to feel normal again! I have always had slightly dry skin and needed to use a moisturiser every day.
I started to mix my own potions using recipes that I found online. The trouble with these is that they are very oily so they take a long time to sink in & my skin felt a little oily all day long. Then I discovered Syrinxza & now order regularly. I’ll never go back! My skin feels so healthy!” Sophie Bevan

“I was skeptical at first, yet after using it i really love this moisturising cream, its luscious!

I look more alive and it has given the skin a brightening effect, whilst also being super easy to apply and hydrating.

It has a good consistency, is kind and gentle to the skin leaving it feeling softer, smoother and toned.

Highly effective!”


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