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Eczema Treatment Set

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Natural Products for the Treatment of Eczema

Eczema treatment combination of detoxifying therapy bar and emollient cream will help soothe your eczema. Suitable for both face and body.


* Free from: steroids, parabens, petroleum, chemicals
* Deep cleansing therapy bar helps remove toxins
* Eczema treatment cream soothes & cools the skin
* Natural skin relief for red itchy skin
* All products contain our unique natural ingredient Sapropel, a nutrient & mineral rich therapeutic mud.
Natural Eczema Treatment includes:
1 x Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar
1 x 50ml or 180ml Natural Emollient Eczema Cream
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Hand Eczema Treatment Success

Treatment Hand Eczema

Before & After Photos: Natural Emollient Cream used to Treat Hand Eczema

“Im sensitive to almost everything. Ive been using the emollient for the last couple of months and it’s been brilliant for the dryness of my hands.
I switched from another leading brand to using Syrinxza. Im a hairdresser so my hands are constantly in water and dealing with chemicals. Thinking about going to work and trying to use my hands was awful. After using the emollient cream for a couple of months my hands are a lot better and dont get half as dry at work anymore. I can now enjoy my job again. 🙂
I used to itch it that much it would start to puss, but the emollient cream has completely taken the itch away and there is no more dry skin there! It’s made a massive difference. x” Melissa (Facebook Review)

Hand Eczema Treatment

Before & After Photos: Hand Eczema after using Syrinxza Natural Emollient Cream

“Eczema Can Be Itchy & Unsightly.
May be You Have Tried Many Products In The Past.
Finally Syrinxza Has Discovered a
Unique Solution To Eczema.
Nutrient & Mineral Rich 15,000 Year Old Reed Mud

Suitable For All Skin Types
Natural Skincare: No Parabens & No Steroids
Our eczema treatment combination will help soothe and treat the eczema.
* Deep cleansing and detoxifying therapy bar helps remove the toxins from the skin
* Eczema treatment cream soothes, cools and calms the skin
  • Our Patented product helps boosts your skins natural immune system.
  • We use natural ingredients, that are suitable for both the face and body.
  • The unique ingredient used in all our products is called Sapropel (zander), Sapropel is a nutrient rich reed mud from 15,000 year old glacial lakes.
  • Sapropel helps to naturally: detoxify the skin, drawing out impurities, promoting cell regeneration, removing toxins & metals (including residual nickel from jewellery) & restoring the skin’s natural moisture.
  • It is rich in Vitamins B, B12, C, D, E & Lipids that nourish dehydrated skin & minerals that help rejuvenate & repair.
  • Together with the blended ingredients it is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal giving a wonderful natural solution to healthy vibrant skin.
  • Plus the soap even acts as a gentle exfoliator so helps clean the skin!
  • As well as eczema the products are also designed for other skin conditions including: psoriasis, dry skin, dermatitis, warts, skin tags, cracked heels…
Natural Product Ingredients include:
Reed Mud (sapropel), Almond Oil,  Argan Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax


Won Gold in the “Free From” Skincare Awards
Problem Skin Category 2015

Free From Skincare Award NO Artificial Colourings

 NO Fragrances

 NO Alcohol

 NO Petroleum

 NO Lanolin

 NO Hormones

 NO Steroids

 NO Parabens

  NO Animal Testing




  • Eczema Emollient Treatment SetSAPROPEL: Glacial reed mud. Draws out impurities, detoxifies the skin, boosts the skins own immune system. Vitamin & mineral rich.
  •  TUMERIC: Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
  •  OLIVE OIL: Deeply cleansing the skin
  •  CASTOR OIL: Removes dirt/bacteria clogging up the skins pores
  •  BEESWAX: Protects the skin from UV light, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial


  • Eczema Emollient CreamSAPROPEL: Glacial reed mud. Draws out impurities, detoxifies the skin,  boosts the skins own immune system. Vitamin & mineral rich.
  •  ARGAN OIL:  Moisturising oil, high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids & antioxidants, proven to alleviate skin conditions.
  • ALMOND OIL: Gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance
  • COCONUT OIL: Antioxidant moisturising oil, absorbs quickly & easily into the skin. Removes toxins from the skin, helps to heal skin conditions. Nourishing & improves the skin’s suppleness. Proven cosmetic qualities such anti-wrinkle properties.
  • BEESWAX: Protects the skin from UV light, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial.

Tumeric_Coconut_Oil Soap_Skin_Benefits


* Soothe the most sensitive skin
* Reduce dryness and flaky patches
* Deeply moisturizing, softens and rehydrates
* Nourished, rejuvenated & healthy, radiant skin
* Protect the skin against pollutants
* Maintains strong and healthy skin



Syrinxza skin care products are made from a miracle ingredient only found in the lakes of Eastern Europe called Sapropel. Sapropel is 15,000 year old mud made from ancient reeds that is full of nutrients and minerals that nourish, rejuvenate and repair the skin.

* Lipids: fatty acids that nourish dehydrated skin
* Vitamins B, B12, C, D, E to maintain the skin’s appearance
* Humic and fulvic substances that repair and restore the skin cells
* Amino acids that prevent dehydration and build a healthy skin



Unique ingredient sapropel draws out impurities & toxins, boosts the skins immune system whilst protecting the skin; promotes cell regeneration & enables efficient elemental ion capture from residual elements in jewellery.
When metals and oils collide, it can stir up skin conditions and age the skin.

These metal deposits are a fact of modern life. For example, nickel is widely used in jewellery, watch straps and decorative metal alloys – while cadmium is a potent environmental toxin that clings to the air.:



Sapropel contains fulvic acid which can chelate the ions of polluting metals & non-metals eg from car fumes which can have a damaging effect on the skin.

Includes oils which are beneficial to the skin & can pass through the stratum corneum, leading to effective moisturisation.
That’s why Sapropel plays such an important role in keeping skin young and healthy.

It has a unique, clinically proven ability to hook metals and toxins, and remove them with precision from deep within the skin, leaving the skin free to live and breathe naturally.

Ideal for sensitive skin as the perfect face & body cream for cell rejuvenation.

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Eczema Treatment Set
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Eczema Treatment Set
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Eczema Treatment Set
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