Deep Cleansing & Detoxifying Therapy Soap

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“The Detox Soap”

Reed Mud soap using unique ingredient Sapropel.

Sapropel is nutrient rich reed mud from 15,000 year old glacial lakes, that naturally detoxifies the skin, removing toxins & metals (including residual nickel from jewellery), drawing out impurities, exfoliating the skin, promoting cell regeneration & restoring the skin’s natural moisture.

Rich in: Vitamins B/B12/C/D/E, & Lipids that nourish dehydrated skin & minerals that rejuvenate/repair.

Together with the blended ingredients it is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Tumeric_Coconut_Oil Soap_Skin_Benefits


The Deep Cleanser Bar

* Natural Cold Processed Soap

* 100% natural traditional handmade bar
* Deeply cleansing, non-irritant and detoxifying abilities
* Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, moisturising and purifying qualities

* The reed mud (sapropel) detoxifies the skin & contains may vitamins & minerals
* Ingredients include Tumeric, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sapropel (15,000 year old Reed Mud)

Tumeric For Skin Care* Originally Developed to relieve skin conditions excellent for warts, eczema, psoriasis

* Suitable as an everyday face wash as well as body soap, plus makes a great lather suitable for shaving

* Created for dry, sensitive skin, yet suitable for all skin types

Coconut Oil Soap Benefits

* Free From: Parabens * Steroids * Artificial Fragrances * Chemical * Colouring * Petroleum * Lanolin * Hormones

* No animal testing, Suitable for Vegetarians (Vegans: contains beeswax)

Won Gold, 1st Prize in the Freeform Skincare Awards 2015 in the problem skin category.
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The Deep Cleanser Bar

Free_From_Skin_Care_Awards_Problem_Skin_Gold_Winner_SyrinxzaNatural Cold Processed Soap for Dry or Sensitive Skin.
* 100% natural traditional handmade bar
* Deeply cleansing, non-irritant and detoxifying abilities
* Antiseptic, moisturising and purifying qualities
* Developed to relieve skin conditions
* No parabens, steroids, petroleum or chemicals
* No animal testing

Won Gold, 1st Prize in the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2015 in the problem skin category.

We formulated the Deep Cleanser Bar to act as a substitute for normal, chemical-based soaps that can irritate sensitive skin and trigger conditions. It is designed to deeply cleanse the skin as any other soap can, but at the same time deeply moisturise and treat it with gentle, careful care. It can be used on all skin types and as a treatment for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and cracked or hypersensitive skin.

The reason most soaps can be very harmful to sensitive or damaged skin is due to its lack of glycerine. Glycerine is a natural, moisture-rich ingredient that is removed during production simply because it clogs machinery. This means that even the mildest soaps can be a danger for sensitive skin.

Pure and natural ingredients

Our Deep Cleanser Bar is, therefore, a completely natural and chemical-free alternative to such soaps. It is a hand-processed alternative that is produced in cold batches to seal in all of Glycerine’s qualities.

As in all our rage, we used Sapropel in our Deep Cleanser Bar, a rare lake sediment, to ensure the cream can naturally yet effectively hydrate the skin and alleviate conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry, cracked skin. Sapropel draws out impurities of the skin, approaches the root cause of problematic skin conditions and produces healthy new cells to begin the repairing process. It is a source of vitamins and fulvic and humic acids that boost the skin’s immunity and promote cell regeneration.

The Syrinx Za Deep Cleanser Bar also contains a variety of natural ingredients that work both individually and together to give your skin the best results possible. These include Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Turmeric and Beeswax, all of which have strong abilities in locking moisture into the skin, healing with antiseptic and producing a rich, aromatic lather. These ingredients alongside Sapropel can bring a new life to all types of dry and sensitive skin.

Unlike other soaps, the Deep Cleanser Bar does not dry out the skin after use – in fact, quite the opposite! It also comes with no risk of aggravating sores and without any need to scrub the skin.

…everyone is different
Naturally, everyone’s skin reacts to different treatments in different ways. For some people, this product will offer a complete skincare treatment – but you might benefit from adding other Syrinx Za products to your skincare routine.

USA Patent number: 4,024,742

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  1. Syrinx Za (verified owner)

    For many years I have suffered an allergic reaction when coming into contact with dogs and cats. Since using the Syrinx ZA Therapy Balm I longer suffer from the conditionNo more dog skin

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Deep Cleanser & Detoxifying Therapy Bar

All Syrinx Za products contain essential oils and other natural ingredients to help care for your skin in the gentlest yet most effective way possible. We pride ourselves on the ingredients we use so we have provided you with an ingredient list so you can learn all about what goes into Syrinx Za’s products.

Syrinx Za Products are Free From:

Parabens * Steroids * Artificial Fragrances * Colouring * Petroleum * Lanolin * Hormones * Animal Testing & Animal Ingredients.

Deep Cleanser Ingredients:

* Sapropel: A vitamin and mineral rich 15,000 year old glacial lake mud, able to detoxify the skin, draw out impurities and boost the skin’s own immune system.
* Curcuma Longa: Also known as Turmeric, a spice used in soaps to provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
* Sodium Olivate: An olive oil formulated through the hydrolyzation of Coconut Oil in the presence of sodium to produce the Therapy Bar. It is very effective in deeply cleansing the skin.
* Castor Oil: Extremely useful in removing any dirt or harmful bacteria clogging up the pores, keeping the affected areas clean, clear and completely detoxified.
* Cera Alba: Essentially beeswax – Maintains soap hardness and imparts a texture that contributes towards the originality of the soap. It protects the skin from ultraviolet lights and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
* Aqua: Pure, deionized water is used to avoid any unwanted precipitates such as limescale, meaning irritation of sensitive skin is reduced.
* Sodium Cocoate: The mixture of fatty acid salts that are formed when coconut oil and sodium hydroxide are combined. It is a surfactant and emulsifying agent that is an essential ingredient for all effective soaps.


“I have had 3 great successes with Syrinx ZA products!

1. For 2 years I had a broken and crumbling big toe nail which would never grow to its full length. Six months ago I started rubbing the Syrinx ZA cream on the cuticle/nail bed morning and night. The nail began to grow very fast, and for the last 2 months that nail is, finally, full grown and strong!
2. Recently I noticed I had an ‘old age stain’ on the skin by my eye. Then another patch appeared above it, then another below. For 2 weeks I used the Syrinx ZA bar to wash my face with, and after rinsing, I made a paste with my finger from the dampened bar, rubbed it on the stains and left it overnight. The old age stains have completely gone.
3. My boss, who is very energetic but 81 and under a lot of stress, developed a very red face and bleeding from the skin on his nose. Just one wash and application of the paste made from the Syrinx ZA bar and water calmed the redness and healed the broken bleeding skin. Now he is using it regularly.
I would strongly recommend this product.” Katie


Wonderful Soap and Hand Cream

Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful soap and hand cream. As a long-standing eczema sufferer I have found these to be the best products available. I use the soap daily and it is both effective and moisturising. I can even use it on my face. The cream protects my skin, especially in cold or dry weather and is completely non-irritant.” Cressida Nash


Acnes Cleansing Soap

“I had been having trouble with acne for years, and found it impossible to get rid of. But a few days of Syrinx Za deep cleansing therapy soap was enough to make a noticeable effect, and it was only a little over a week of daily use before my skin was clear! I couldn’t have been happier.” Sam Clark

Extreme Psoriasis Relief

“About my boyfriend who has suffered with extreme Psoriasis for may years now.
Having heard about the Syrinx ZA range in a newspaper article my boyfriend was extremely sceptical to try yet another new product, especially after already having tried so many different creams/medications from the Skin Clinic and his GP in the past. However after reading other peoples testimonials on your products I persuaded him to give your soap bar and cream a try, although initially he did think they sounded too good to be true.
Within a few days though my boyfriend noticed an enormous difference in his skin. His skin was much less inflamed than before and was no-where near as itchy as it usually was, we both agreed it was hard to believe these effects were felt within days of first using the products.
The soap bar and cream helped reduce the irritation which in turn made his skin less flaky and more supple than it had felt in a long long time. We would both totally recommend your products to anyone suffering from Psoriasis. These products may cost more than some high street brands however the results speak for themselves.
Keep up the great work.”
T Penman, Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland

Sceptical Whether the Soap Would Work

“I received my order of a deep cleaning therapy bar the day after I ordered it, very quick delivery.
As a retired qualified nurse I must admit I was a bit sceptical about whether the soap would work. I have two solar keratosis spots on my arms which were becoming unsightly and quite itchy.
After only using the soap for five days I can honestly report there is a definite improvement. The areas are not so red and the itching has stopped. I cannot believe they are also reducing in size.” Christine Thorne

Taken the place of the face wash I’ve used for the past twenty years
“The deep cleansing therapy bar has taken the place of the face wash I’ve used for the past twenty years as the first part of my shaving routine. It’s great, doesn’t dry your skin and prepares your face perfectly for shaving cream.
Not only that but my wife and teenage daughters have also taken to using it as part of their daily beauty regime. I can see I’m going to be needing to negotiate a bulk discount at this rate. Highly recommended.” Mike Turner

“Cream and soap very helpful with eczema, I have used both the soap and the cream and found them to be very helpful with eczema and other irritable skin conditions. I have also used it on my dog and on horses with very good effect.” Tim Cutting