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What Causes Oily Skin?

Best facial scrubWe all wonder what causes oily skin, especially when we have combination skin; it doesn’t seem possible or right that this should happen.

The reason is certain over-active sebaceous glands which produce too much oil or sebum on the skin causing a shiny face, spots and acne. There is good-news; people with oily skin don’t get so many wrinkles.

Keeping your skin healthy was the hardest task when treating oily skin, but not now.

What Causes Oily Skin?

So what causes these sebaceous glands to be over productive?  The fact is most of the time it’s just hereditary, if your parents had oily skin or acne then it’s likely that you will too.

Hormones are also big factor in oily skin, that’s why teenagers are prone to suffer with acne, and women get spots at certain times of the month or when pregnant or menopausal.

Environmental factors can affect the skin as we know, and with oily skin its heat or humidity that stimulates these glands.

While you might think that using a facial scrub or fiercely scrubbing your skin will take away the oil, this isn’t true. Scrubbing your skin will strip the skin of oil which in turn will force the body to over compensate to replace that oil.

Diet for Oily Skin

Whilst what you eat can help oily skin it doesn’t cause it.  However eating a healthy diet full of antioxidants that are in many fruits and vegetables, plus drinking enough water can help to clear your complexion.

How to Treat Oily Skin

First you need to replace your normal harsh soaps and cleansers with a natural, gentle soap, such as the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar.

The Deep Cleanser therapy bar is very effective on oily skin because it draws out the impurities from the skin like a facial scrub without using chemicals or brushes to harshly scrub your face.

Just use the bar to cleanse and wash your skin as you would normally and then let the lather soak in and dry overnight, rinse off in the morning.

It won’t be long before you don’t care what causes oily skin because your skin will be healthy and the oil levels balanced.



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