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Oily Skin Soaps

Best facial scrubIf you’re a sufferer of oily skin, you will appreciate just how irritating it can be.

Oily skin is the result of the body’s sebaceous gland overproduces oil and cause excessively oily skin.

However  if you have oily skin, its not all bad, you might have some shininess, blemishes and spots but  you are less likely to get wrinkles early or other signs of aging.

How does Soap affect Oily Skin?

If you have particularly oily skin you may feel the urge to scrub your skin raw with soap until the oil is gone, right? Well, wrong.

Soap can actually harm the sebaceous glands and cause them to secrete even more oil, worsening your original problem and giving you a bit of a catch 22 situation.

But, of course, you can’t (more to the point, shouldn’t!) avoid soap forever and so, luckily, there are options.

What Soaps should I avoid for my Oily Skin?

Soaps that change the pH of your skin should be absolutely avoided at all costs.

A normal, chemical-based soap is quite alkaline, meaning the skin can become very irritated and cause the glands to secrete excessive amounts of oil in a bid to protect itself.

Believe it or not, oily skin can actually be worsened by skin-drying. Chemical-based, non-natural soaps can very easily dry out the skin with their harsh properties, again causing the glands to become irritated and produce more oil.

So, if you feel like using standard soaps is the cause of your oily skin, then immediately cease use and start looking for alternative options.

What Soaps should I choose for my Oily Skin?

Here at Syrinx Za, we recognise the problem sensitive skin sufferers are met with when using soap. It harms your skin but there’s no way around it – or is there?

Opting for an all-natural soap such as Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is highly recommended. It may work wonders on dry skin but it is also extremely effective at treating oily skin and a perfect alternative to harsh normal soaps.

The bar combines natural ingredients in a cold process to cleanse, draw out impurities and protect skin of all types. Just add water to work the bar into a gentle lather and let it soak in (without rinsing). It only takes a couple of weeks to see results.
Try it for yourself!

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