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Oily Skin and Diet

A Great Natural Cleanser for Dry SkinOily skin can occur in almost anyone. It is the result of the body’s sebaceous gland overproduces oil and cause either oily skin or even dry skin, due to clogging of pores meaning the skin is, actually, receiving none of the oil at all.
So why does this happen? Well, it’s most likely just down to your genetics and hormone balance but diet can be an additional influence on your body’s oil production, so it is important to know what the good and bad dietary options are when it comes to oily skin.

GOOD Foods for your Oily Skin and Diet

So what should you look for in your foods to help avoid oily skin?
Low Fat
You probably could have guessed it, but yes, a low fat diet is strongly recommended when following a diet to avoid oily skin. Fresh fruit and vegetables are essential as they keep your body healthy and oil production to a minimum.
Vitamins and minerals have a direct beneficial effect on the skin, reducing the symptoms and appearance of oily skin. These can be a variety of foods including fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, artichokes, etc. Lecithin is a mineral that has proven to be particularly effective in reducing the body’s oil production. Lecithin can be found in soybeans and eggs.
An overactive immune system can produce too many oil-removing antibodies into the body so following an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce this effect. This means balancing your carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fibre, as well as an increase of your intake of fish and fish oils.
And, of course, fluids. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is vital in keeping your pores cleared and the appearance of oily skin to a minimum. Avoid dehydrating substances such as caffeine-based drinks, alcohol or smoking.

BAD Foods for your Oily Skin and Diet

Fatty Foods
Yep – oily foods can cause oily skin. Fatty food such as pizza, chips, crisps, chocolates and just about anything deep-fried contain high amounts of grease which may well cause excess oil within the body and clog your skin’s pores, causing oily skin.
Sugary Food and Drink
When you eat a sugary food or drink a sugary drink, your body burns up this sugar and your liver temporarily stops burning fat and just dispose of it. This disposed fat is then pushed into the sebaceous glands and the fat in secreted into a liquid form – oil. High blood sugar can also cause a release of androgens into the bloodstream which can cause the skin to become oily. So, stay away from the soda and sweets if you want to rid yourself of oily skin!

Treatment for Oily Skin

Oily skin treatment should focus on removing the excess oil within the skin and reduce its physical symptoms. An all-natural treatment is highly recommended to avoid adverse side effects that chemical-based products can bring.
The Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar may work on dry skin, but it can actually also work wonders on oily skin too. That’s because – although it looks like a soap and acts like a soap – it’s not actually a soap. It combines natural ingredients in a cold process to cleanse, draw out impurities and protect skin of all types. Just add water to work the bar into a gentle lather and let it soak in (without rinsing). It only takes a couple of weeks to see results.
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