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How to Stop Oily Skin

Image depicting dry skin on the faceSufferers of oily skin may find themselves having an unsightly reflective shine and potentially quite painful acne breakouts. It is certainly not the most attractive nor comfortable condition to suffer with and so working out how to stop oily skin is very important to sufferers.

Oily skin can lead to extended problems such as acne, particularly in teens. It’s a condition that can seriously damage a sufferer’s self-esteem and confidence.

Why do I have Oily Skin?

Before understanding how to prevent oily skin symptoms, it is important you understand the root cause of your oily skin.

Your skin type is actually determined by your genes, so to a certain extent you cannot control whether you suffer from oily skin or not. However, what you can control is how much oil you need to suffer with, and you can alter your lifestyle and skincare routines to prevent the skin problems associated with oily skin.

Hormone changes can also contribute towards the onset of oily skin, meaning you should expect symptoms to occur during puberty, pregnancy or through the use of birth control. These factors cause a hormonal change which can cause an increase of fluids throughout the body and, indeed, skin.

A poor diet that is fat, salt or grease rich can also be held responsible for symptoms of oily skin as they are very good at clogging your skin’s pores. High blood sugar from high sugar foods can also cause a release of androgens into the bloodstream which can cause the skin to become oily.

How can I Stop Oily Skin?

So, now you know what could be causing your oily skin, its time to do something about it.

Of course you cannot control your genes or hormones, but the one factor you can control is your diet. Opt for low-fat, vitamin-rich foods as well as a regular consumption of water which can reduce the likelihood of an onset of oily skin and give your skin an overall healthy glow.

Managing your oily skin is another thing. Rather than working out how to treat the root cause, often it is wiser to just treat the symptoms of your oily skin. Oily skin treatment should focus on removing the excess oil within the skin and reduce its shine. An all-natural treatment is highly recommended to avoid adverse side effects that chemical-based products can bring.

Oily skin can actually be worsened by skin-drying. Chemical-based, non-natural soaps can also very easily dry out the skin with their harsh properties, again causing the glands to become irritated and produce more oil.

Our recommendations

So, now we know How to Stop Oily Skin its time to work out the best products to do so.

The Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is a highly recommended treatment for oily skin.

It may work wonders on dry skin but it is also extremely effective at treating oily skin and a perfect alternative to harsh normal soaps.

The bar combines natural ingredients in a cold process to cleanse, draw out impurities and protect skin of all types.

Just add water to work the bar into a gentle lather and let it soak in (without rinsing). It only takes a couple of weeks to see results. Try it for yourself!

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