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Winter Skin

Winter Skin CareWith this cold, wet weather that we have been enduring for the last few months many people are beginning to suffer winter skin complaints.

For most, these are seasonal complaints but for others, half of the year can be written off as we hobble painfully to work or rub our ears trying to rid ourselves of pesky itches and rashes.

Protecting your skin AND health!

Then there are colds and flu like virus that leave us sneezing and snuffling into disposable hankies, the continuous use of which leaves our noses reddened and sore.

Any doctor will tell you that the outer, protective layer of skin, the Stratum Corneum, if it is to perform its function properly must be well moisturised. Once you remove the moisture then it loses versatility, leading to soreness and in some cases, eczema.

If you recognise any of this description as applying to yourself, you might like to try Syrinx moisturising therapy balm. You can apply it gently around the nostrils and upper lip region and immediately the area will feel a lot less sore and become less susceptible to the actions of the hanky! The therapy balm contains some very special and cathartic oils, as well as Zander extract that make our products unique.

Avoiding oil-based products?

For those who prefer not to use oil based products (their skin may already be of the oily type) then look no further than the Ultra-Sensitive therapy cream. This preparation is highly absorbent and suitable for people of all ages. The Zander element is manifested partly by the presence of fulvic acid, a natural substance renowned for its health promoting properties.

Winter-kissed cracked feet…

So what about those chaps, chilblains and cracked feet that cause us to hobble to work? Start with Syrinx Za Therapy bar. Use it to wash your feet, and then make a lather which you rub firmly into the affected areas. Leave overnight and wash out in the morning. Then apply either the Hydrating Therapy balm or the ultra-sensitive therapy cream for day protection and repeat the process the following night.

Quite an effective method of speeding up the cure is to wrap the foot in cling film, securing it with a sock. For my own cracked feet it took two days to recover using this method.


Itchy ears can be a very annoying condition during the winter months and is caused by the development of eczema just inside the pinna of the ear.

I have found that the simplest method of getting rid of the problem is to rub the therapy bar with my ring finger and transfer to the inside of the pinna, rubbing in gently and firmly.

If this doesn’t work for you, by all means try a Syrinx balm or cream- each contains Zander humic extract – a concentrated cocktail of humic substances, vitamins and lipids that offer effective treatment of winter skin soreness.

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