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Spring Skin

spring skinNow that March is upon us you would expect to have some warmer, sunnier weather, we haven’t seen much evidence of it yet with most of the country recently suffering with high winds, flooding and snow.

Early spring is inheritably changeable as it teases our spring skin with freezing temperatures at night and cold winds to dry the skin during the daytime. Rainy weather and high humidity paradoxically cause the skin to dry out.

Treating spring-kissed skin

Syrinx Za creams and balms offer just the right sort of protection. If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other skin complaint there are added benefits afforded by the products in the alleviation of symptoms.

To do the thing properly, you need to change your washing habits. If you have sensitive or troubled skin, it is good to use water that has been previously boiled. This process brings about the precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts that tend to irritate the skin.

Syrinx Za Therapy Bar

Syrinx Za Therapy bar can be used on all skin types. It is highly moisturising and when used with tepid water on sensitive skin, it cleanses effectively, removing impurities and other irritants. Moreover it is anti-pruritic, that is, it stops itchiness.

The therapy bar contains turmeric which is an excellent natural anti-fungal agent. If your feet get wet, as they often do during these damp weeks, you can end up with painful fissures in the undersides of the feet together with other annoying complaints such as athletes foot. Both of these conditions can be treated with the therapy bar. After washing the feet you just moisten the bar and rub firmly into the affected areas. If your feet are very hard and rough you can wrap them after the soaping exercise in cling film, secured in place with a cotton sock.

You will be surprised just how quickly the skin softens and the symptoms attenuate. Repeat the process for the next couple of nights.

Syrinx Hydrating Therapy Balm

During the day you can rub the hydrating therapy balm into the feet for protection of the skin.

Remember that skin type plays an important part in the choice of treatment. If your skin is inclined to be dry, you might benefit from a balm. Our balms are free of water and when applied sparingly to sensitive skin they provide day long protection. If your skin is more on the oily side you might get on better with one of the moisturising creams. These are deeply penetrative and provide excellent moisturisation of the dermal layers.

Possibly the greatest advantage of Syrinx products is that they are put together from mainly natural components and are free of any substances that are allergenic or could harm you in any way, a great way to treat your spring skin.

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