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Side Effects of Topical Steroids

What is the best treatment for eczema?If you walk into your local pharmacy, chances are you’ll see a variety of skincare treatments containing Topical Corticosteroids, but many of us don’t actually know what they are nor why they are something to avoid.

Let us explain…

What are Topical Steroids?

Topical Corticosteroids are creams, ointments and lotions that contain steroid medicines. They aim to reduce skin inflammation and are used for various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sounds great right? Well, unfortunately not. Topical Corticosteroids do not come without their quite extreme side effects…

Why are they Dangerous?

Topical corticosteroids can cause many local side effects to the areas of skin skin they are applied. Once Topical Corticosteroids are absorbed into the skin over a long period of time, systemic complications can also arise.

Thinning of the skin (Skin Athropy) is perhaps the most common danger of Topical Corticosteroids, which has been proven by many different studies and research. This, in turn, can damage the skin even further, making it even more vulnerable than it was to begin with and even more susceptible to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Thanks to Topical Corticosteroids, the formation of stretch marks becomes more likely. The Topical Corticosteroids break down the connective tissues of the skin which can then cause stretch marks, which of course will take a considerable amount of time to disappear.

Topical Corticosteroids can make the blood vessels dialate and become visible undernearth the sufferer’s thinned skin, particularly when they are used long term. Acne and Rosacea is also a known side effect of Topical Corticosteroids – so, using these treatments to cure one skin condition may actually make you end up suffering a whole other one! Not a very good deal…

Other complications such as infections and an interference with the body’s own steroid production and glucose management can also occur as a result of treating the skin with Topical Corticosteroid based remedys.

What Alternatives are there?

The best way to take control of your skin’s health and protect yourself against the Side Effects of Topical Steroids is to be clued up on the ingredients in every skin care product you buy.

The best, easiest and safest way to avoid any adverse risks is to opt for all natural products that use only pure, natural ingredients to treat skin conditions. That’s where Syrinx Za come in…

All our products are completely free of Topical Corticosteroids so you can treat your skin with the comfort of knowing it is being looked after and kept safe, protected and effectively treated.

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Note: Do NOT get Topical Corticosteroids (used to reduce skin inflammation) confused with Anabolic Steroids (used by athletes and body builders to improve their physical abilities). Two very different types of ‘steroids’ with VERY different purposes! (so lads, if you use a Topical Corticosteroid based emollient unfortunately your muscles will not be affected…)

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