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Should You Wash Your Face?

Best facial scrubWell, you might be wondering why I am asking this crazy question: Should you wash your face?  This is because we have read in the news lately about people choosing not to wash their face, but to use some sort of oil to cleanse their skin and remove their makeup.

Apart from this being a very messy and time consuming practice, it appears to some that using oil to remove make up works, unless you have oily skin, then it could be a disaster.

Is this a skin-care fad – Should you wash your face?

This isn’t a new concept at all, using oils to cleanse your skin has been around for a while, the reason it hasn’t become popular is that for most people it just creates a mass of oily mess that can cause blemishes and spots.

Oils Dissolve Oils

They say that because the skin produces its own oil, that adding oil to the skin will dissolve oil the oil on your skin, they believe this to be a good thing but the skin will just produce more oil to counter act this action.

Oils are Good for the  Skin

We are certainly not saying that oils are not good for the skin, some  are great, oils such as

  • Argan Oil – Has excellent anti-ageing properties and contains Omega-6 and Vitamin F.
  • Olive Oil – Maintains Elasticity of the skin
  • Almond Oil – Makes skin smooth and silky
  • Coconut Oil – An Antioxidant which absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Castor Oil – Is useful in removing bacteria or dirt that clogs the pores and detoxes the skin
  • Tea Tree Oil – Has Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that stimulate the skins immune system.

Syrinx Za products contain the above oils

This is why all of these oils are in Syrinx Za’s products, but they are not used alone, mixed with other ingredients they provide the essential skincare that is needed.

Chemical Based Soaps

The reason for the fad to use oils to cleanse or remove make-up from the face is because people are starting to realise that normal chemical based soaps are harmful to the skin.

Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar

This is why we produced the Deep Cleanser Therapy bar, because you are getting the advantage of oils in the soap plus other natural ingredients that work together with the oils to deeply cleanse the skin, detoxify it and moisturise at the same time, producing younger looking, silky smooth skin.

So should you wash your face? The answer is yes you should but you need to use a natural soap such as the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar


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