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Shaving Rash on the Legs

shaving rash on the legsIt is unfortunately something that woman all around the world endure from time to time – a Shaving Rash on the Legs.

A shaving rash is caused by an improper shaving technique. This could be anything from holding the razor at an awkward angle, not allowing the skin enough moisture before shaving or simply using harsh soaps. All these factors could irritate the skin leaving a very unsightly, uncomfortable and even sometimes painful rash. It usually appears as red bumps that are raised and could be mistaken for acne.

A deeper look at Shaving Rashes…

The red bumps that may sometime appear after shaving your legs are actually ingrown hairs. Immediately after shaving your legs, sometimes the tips of any remaining hair rotate and start growing back into the follicle it came from as opposed to growing outward as it is supposed to. This then causes a Shaving Rash on the Legs.

Shaving also removes the top layer of skin, exposing the hair follicles to bacteria and inflammation, making it more vulnerable to rashes.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Dry skin, oily skin or dead skin cells can all block the pores within the skin on your legs and cause such a rash to occur.

The texture of your hair could also be an influencer – coarse, curly hair is more likely to curl back into the follicle than fine, straight hair is.

Shaving too closely, using an old/dirty razor or waxing/hair removal cream can also irritate the exposed hair follicle and cause a shaving rash.

Treating a shaving rash…

Allowing your hair to grow for a few weeks usually completely gets rid of any Shaving Rash on the Legs. This is because it gives the ingrown hairs enough time to come out of the hair follicles again.

In the meantime, you may want to keep your legs well moisturised to reduce redness and keep dryness and irritation at bay. The Syrinx Za Hydrating Balm and Skin Revitaliser are both designed hydrate dry skin rashes, leaving them moisturised and soothed. Both products contain antiseptic properties that can help to alleviate any irritation caused by shaving rashes.

Everyone’s skin is different so why not try both to find which works best for you? Alternate between using the balm and the cream twice a day and see the results for yourself.

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